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Procurement Plan View - 2020/2021

To follow the progress of Planned Procurements of interest you can add them to a Watch List by clicking the 'Add to watch list' button on the right hand side of the Planned Procurement.  You must be logged into NSW eTendering to utilise this feature.

For Planned Procurements converted to an open Request for Tender (RFT), information on obtaining request documents is specified on individual RFT notices on NSW eTendering.

Agencies do not need to be specific when identifying the Estimated Date of Approach to Market. Agencies can select from the following financial year periods:

‘Quarter 1’ – July to September

‘Quarter 2’ – October to December

‘Quarter 3’ – January to March

‘Quarter 4’ – April to June

Future/Beyond this FY – only used when agencies publish a Planned Procurement that is not expected to go to the market during the current APP period.

Click the 'Add to watch list' button to start watching the Planned Procurement.

Click the 'Remove from watch list' button to stop watching the Planned Procurement.

IMPORTANT: All Planned Procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. Information about Planned Procurements is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the NSW Government to purchase the described property or services.


Office of Sport

Strategic Procurement Outlook

The Office of Sport is committed to achieving the best value-for-money in a simple, fair, ethical, and transparent manner that complies with NSW Government Procurement Policies and Guidelines.

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Planned Procurements

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Snowsports Programs for Jindabyne Sport and Recreation Centre

Agency Reference OOS202100
Category 90141700 - Amateur and recreational sports
Estimated Date of Approach to Market Quarter 2 2020/2021
Multi Agency Access No
Status As Published
Contact As for APP

Last Updated 16-Apr-2021 12:03pm

Ski and Snowboard Equipment Hire

Agency Reference OOS2021001
Category 49151500 - Skiing and snowboarding equipment
Estimated Date of Approach to Market Quarter 3 2020/2021
Multi Agency Access No
Status As Published
Contact As for APP

Last Updated 16-Apr-2021 12:01pm

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 records