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Sydney Metro West – Systems Frameworks Package – Invitation to submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) and attend an Industry Briefing - SM2021/028

RFT ID SM2021/028
RFT Type Expression of Interest for Specific Contracts
Published 6-Dec-2021
Closes 31-Jan-2022 2:00pm
Covered Procurement Yes
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Mass transit system construction services
Agency Sydney Metro

Contact Person
Andrew Tang
Phone: 61 2 9346 6105

Tender Details

The Systems Frameworks Packages are comprised of two concurrent tenders with respective scope as set out below:

Tender Package 1

• Lifts and Escalators.

Tender Package 2

• Building Management Control Systems (BMCS);

• CCTV System;

• Public Address System;

• Fire Indicator Panels and Fire Detection Systems;

• Passenger Information Display System; and

• Access Control System.

The Systems Frameworks Packages include equipment and systems where consistency of product is desired across the Sydney Metro West project and where such consistency would not necessarily be achieved without Sydney Metro selecting and nominating the equipment and system suppliers.

The motivations and potential benefits from ensuring consistency of systems and equipment across the project include:

• reduced systems integration risk from standardisation;

• ease of future inventory management and maintenance;

• economies of scale and value for money;

• improved ability to manage upgrades to systems and equipment;

• consistency of quality; and

• consistent identity and branding.

With the delivery of the project works being separated into multiple Stations packages, Linewide and Trains, Signalling, Maintance and Operations (TSMO) packages (together the “Works Package Contractors”), there is a need in the case of certain systems and equipment to require the various contractors for these packages to procure from the same designated suppliers.

Sydney Metro and the successful Framework Contractors will enter into Framework Contracts which will capture the standing offer made at tender by the Framework Contractors and obligate the Framework Contractor to offer services to the Works Package Contractors under terms consistent with their standing offer.

Under the terms of each delivery contract for Stations, Linewide and TSMO, the relevant Works Package Contractor will be required to enter into a subcontract with the Framework Contractors to procure the design, supply, installation and/or maintenance (as applicable) of the relevant items forming part of Tender Package 1 and Tender Package 2, thus ensuring that the same products are installed across the whole Sydney Metro West.

Generally, the scope of services under the Framework Contract for Tender Package 1 and Tender Package 2 include:

• Supporting Works Package Tenderers as relevant to develop their binding bids,

• Supporting Works Package Contractors during delivery under the terms of the relevant design supply and install contract, with:

(i) Design support;

(ii) Supply;

(iii) Installation;

(iv) Testing and commissioning; and

(v) Interim maintenance of installed equipment to completion of each works package.

• Maintenance for an initial period, at the option of the Operator, under the terms of an Operator Maintenance Services Contractor that is included as part of the Framework Contract.

A single Registration of Interest (ROI) will be released for both Tender Package 1 and Tender Package 2. Following the ROI for both Tender Package 1 and Tender Package 2, each tender package will have a separate EOI and RFT Process.

For Tender Package 1, a single successful RFT tenderer will be appointed as the Lifts and Escalators Framework Contractor.

For Tender Package 2, Sydney Metro will select Framework Contractors for each system individually in order to cover the scope of Tender Package 2. Applicants can apply for one or more system(s) in the package and may be selected as the Framework Contractor for more than one system. There is no requirement for the Applicant to apply for all items in the package.

Full details of the ROI process for the Sydney Metro West – Systems Frameworks Packages will be set out in the ‘Invitation to Submit a Registration of Interest’ document which will be available on 10 December 2021.


NSW Regions: Northern Sydney, Inner West, South East Sydney, South West Sydney

RFT Type

Expression of Interest for Specific Contracts - An invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for pre-registration of prospective tenderers for a specific work or service. Applicants are initially evaluated against published selection criteria, and those who best meet the required criteria are invited to Tender (as tender type Pre-Qualified/Invited).

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract, or the award details will be advertised elsewhere. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

Sydney Metro will conduct an Industry Briefing on the Systems Frameworks Package on Friday 10 December 2021 at 11:00AM – 12:00PM AEST. The Industry Briefing will provide further detailsregarding the design, scope, key risks and procurement timeframes for the Systems Frameworks Packages.

Sydney Metro will release the ROI on Friday 10 December 2021 after the Industry Briefing. Attendance at the Industry Briefing is not a pre-requisite for registration.

Industry Briefing:

• The Industry Briefing is to inform Interested Parties about the Systems Frameworks Package and the registration process.

• Attendance at the Industry Briefing is not mandatory in order to submit a ROI.

• Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, Sydney Metro will hold the Industry Briefing via Microsoft Teams.

• To register for the Industry Briefing, Interested Parties must provide the following details by emailing no later than 2:00PM AEST on Thursday 9 December 2021:

(1) Name of Interested Party;

(2) ABN (or equivalent) of Interested Party;

(3) Registered address of Interested Party;

(4) Nominated contact name;

(5) Phone number of nominated contact;

(6) Email number of nominated contact; and

(7) Name and email address for Industry Briefing attendees (maximum two individuals).

Following registration, meeting details for the Industry Briefing will be provided to the nominated contact via email.

Registration of Interest:

• Registration of Interest (ROI) submissions are a prerequisite to gaining access to the Expression of Interest (EOI) documents for the Systems Frameworks Package.

• The EOI documents will be made available for the specific Tender Package to suitable Interested Parties (Registrants) via the relevant Systems Frameworks EOI Data Rooms (Data Room) from 12 January 2022.

• Interested Parties are encouraged to complete and submit their ROI submissions in a timely manner in order to maximise available time to review the Information Documents. Interested Parties should refer to the ROI document (which will be released on 10 December 2021) for instructions to complete their ROI submissions.

• Access to the relevant Data Room (Tender Package 1 or Tender Package 2, depending on the systems for which they intend to tender) will be made available to suitable Registrants as soon as ROI submissions are received, evaluated, and deemed acceptable to Sydney Metro.

• ROI submissions are to be submitted electronically only, via email to

Expression of Interest:

·     EOI documents will be made available to suitable Registrants via the relevant EOI Data Room.

·     Sydney Metro will provide further guidance about when the EOI documents will be made available to Registrants during the ROI process.

Address for Lodgement

ROI submissions: • ROI submissions are to be submitted electronically only, via email to EOI submissions: • Submission details for the EOI will be provided within the EOI documents.

Covered Procurement Details

  • The Procurement (Enforceable Procurement Provisions) Direction 2019 applies to this procurement
  • A government agency may conduct negotiations with suppliers regarding the procurement

Conditions for Participation

Industry Briefing:


See ‘Other Instructions’ above.



ROI submission:

Interested Parties wishing to register their interest must:

• complete and submit the Registration Form (per Attachment 1 to the ROI);

• execute and submit the Confidentiality Deed Poll (Organisations) (per Attachment 2 to the ROI);

• complete and submit the Data Room User Access Request Form (Annexure 1 of the Data Room Interaction Rules contained at Attachment 4 to the ROI); and

• for each Data Room user, execute and submit either of the following documents, as relevant:

(i) for individuals who are employees of the relevant Interested Party’s organisation: Individual Confidentiality Acknowledgement form (Attachment A to the Confidentiality Deed Poll set out in Attachment 2 to the ROI); or

(ii) for individuals who are not employees of the relevant Interested Party’s organisation (e.g. consultants): Confidentiality Deed Poll (Individuals) (Attachment 3 to the ROI)


EOI submission:

In order for an Interested Party to be eligible to receive the EOI documentation, the Interested Party must demonstrate, to Sydney Metro’s satisfaction, that they possess the capability (either as individual entities or in suitable consortia) to deliver the items it seeks to tender of a similar size and complexity to the Systems Frameworks Package.

To demonstrate the above, Interested Parties must provide details for at least two (2) projects with a similar size and complexity to the Systems Frameworks Package where they have had a significant role in their delivery.

These projects must both have been delivered (or are currently being delivered) in the last 5 years.

Further details are set out in the ROI document, which will be available to Interested Parties from 10 December 2021.

Multi Agency Access