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Sale of Variotram light rail vehicles - TfNSW 2015/009

RFT ID TfNSW 2015/009
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 15-May-2015
Closes 3-Jul-2015 12:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
80161702 - Capital asset disposal or sale service
Agency Transport NSW - Corporate

Contact Person
Lachlan Kew
Phone: 02 8574 3681

Tender Details

TfNSW is retiring its fleet of Variotram Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) from the Sydney light rail network to make way for the progressive introduction of new vehicles in the first six months of 2015.

The Variotram Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) were manufactured in 1996 and the original fleet of seven (7) vehicles was introduced in Sydney in 1997 with the opening of the Sydney light rail system. Six (6) of the original fleet continue to operate in revenue service, however with the introduction of new LRVs onto the network, and current stabling constraints, there is a need to retire the fleet of Variotrams. Since introduction to the Sydney light rail network in 1997 these vehicles have operated reliably in revenue service.

The Variotrams have an overall length of 29m, width of 2.65m and a cab at each end to allow bidirectional travel. The capacity of each tram is 217 passengers, including 74-seated passengers. The vehicle has a low floor access level of 290mm above the rail. The vehicles can achieve a maximum acceleration of 1.2 m/s2, maximum speed of 80 km/hr and are capable of travelling up a maximum gradient of 6%. The articulated design allows for a wide body vehicle without over swing on curves and their air conditioning equipment has been designed specifically for the Sydney climate. The Variotrams operate on standard gauge rail and use 750-volt direct current electricity.

Further information about the Variotram vehicles is available to respondents who register an interest in the sale of these vehicles, however any prospective buyer must rely upon their own due diligence assessments regarding the condition and workability of these assets if they proceed to a formal offer to purchase the fleet.




Refer to Additional Details / Instructions

RFT Type

Open Tenders - An invitation to tender by public advertisement with no restriction placed on who may tender. Tenderers will normally be required to demonstrate in their tender that they have the necessary skills, resources, experience, financial capacity, and in some cases licences, accreditations, etc., to fulfil the tender requirements.

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract, or the award details will be advertised elsewhere. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

In order to gain access to the Request for Tender documents, Proponents are required to register their interest by sending an email to and submitting a signed confidentiality deed (confidentiality deed form is attached).

All formal offers must be submitted via an eTender lodgment by the closing date and time specified in this notice, and the sale of the vehicles will be subject to standard terms and conditions prepared by TfNSW.

A site visit to inspect the vehicles can be arranged following the registration of interest by contacting Lachlan Kew by e-mailing to:

TfNSW will consider all reasonable offers made to purchase the vehicles, commensurate with their serviceable condition.

All queries about the Variotrams during this process must be raised to

Address for Lodgement

All formal responses to purchase the vehicles must be lodged via the eTender website.

Estimated Timeframe for Delivery

0-3 months

Multi Agency Access