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Cash Forecasting System Replacement - EOI-10034451

RFT ID EOI-10034451
RFT Type Expression of Interest for Specific Contracts
Published 17-Sep-2020
Closes 15-Oct-2020 5:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
81162000 - Cloud-based software as a service
Agency NSW Treasury

Contact Person
NSW Procurement Service Centre
Phone: 1800 679 289

Tender Details

Treasury wishes to purchase, on behalf of the State of New South Wales, a Cash Forecasting solution, delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

The Solution must:

  1. enable the NSW Government Agencies to submit daily cash forecasts for 2 or more months and monthly cash forecasts out to either 6 month or 12 months.

  2. enable the NSW Government Agencies to adjust previously submitted forecasts.

  3. be able to configure which NSW Government Agencies are required to provide a forecast, and whether the forecast is to be provided for an individual Agency or if it is an aggregate forecast for a group of Agencies.

  4. be able to consolidate flows that relate to other NSW Government Agencies either within a group of Agencies or between other non-grouped Agencies.

  5. enable the central Treasury team to enter forecasts and make adjustments on behalf of an Agency.

  6. provide the status of an Agency’s forecast. For example, whether it is in progress or whether it has been lodged.

  7. be able to manage multiple forecasts for a given Agency, for example one forecast might be manually entered and another might be based on historical trend data.

  8. be able to upload daily Bank Statements for Bank Account Balances from multiple Australian banks. Presently Westpac and ANZ are engaged to provide banking services for the State.

  9. be able to upload historic data from the previous two years to support analytics and forecasting based on historic data.

  10. be able to manage a hierarchy which links the Bank Accounts to Agencies and groupings of Agencies. An Agency or group of Agencies can utilise bank accounts from more than one bank.

  11. enable the comparison of forecasts against actuals for any previous period, either overall at a State level, for a given Agency, or an aggregate for a group of Agencies.

  12. enable liquidity reporting at an aggregate State level, for a given Agency, at an aggregate for a group of Agencies and at an individual bank level.

  13. support forecast analytics and reporting that enables comparison between forecasts, actual bank data and the prior year to provide liquidity insights

  14. comply with the NSW Government Cyber Security Policy:

  15. enable user access and permissions relevant to an Agency, a group of Agencies and for the central Treasury team.

  16. support auditing associated with all forecast submissions and adjustments to forecasts, as well as auditing of master data changes and administration activities.
  17. enable the repatriation of all NSW Government data and reports stored in the Solution to the Treasury at any time.
  18. delete all NSW Government data and reports from all environments at the end of the service arrangement.


Refer to Additional Details / Instructions

RFT Type

Expression of Interest for Specific Contracts - An invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for pre-registration of prospective tenderers for a specific work or service. Applicants are initially evaluated against published selection criteria, and those who best meet the required criteria are invited to Tender (as tender type Pre-Qualified/Invited).

Additional Details / Instructions

To be eligible for participation in the final stages of this market engagement, Respondents must register and be approved as an advanced service provider under the NSW Government– ICT Services Scheme– SCM0020: 


Multi Agency Access