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Automation suite for the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility - WPCA-AMRF-22-035

RFT Type Invitation To Respond
Published 21-Apr-2023
Closes 26-May-2023 5:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Equipment and spares
Agency Western Parkland City Authority

Agency Address
Level 1, 6PSQ 10 Darcy Street St

Contact Person
Stephanie Gerardini
Phone: 0407461501

Tender Details

The RFI is designed to inform a future procurement process, by providing an opportunity for the market to inform the WPCA team of industry requirements and expectations when specifying and assessing automation systems for the AMRF. This will ensure the subsequent procurement is appropriately targeted to deliver the desired automation outcome for the AMRF.

Through this RFI, the WPCA seeks to:

• Understand the dependencies between the major system components of an automation suite and how they are bundled together by the local supply chain. Examples of these components are:

• Supervisory level (SCADA/HMI);

• Control level (PLC/DCS);

• Field level (actuators/sensors);

• Networks, communication standards and protocols; and

• Integration services enabling the automation of external equipment such as robotics and machinery.

• Identify what technical specifications / standards and key criteria should be included to achieve a well-defined automation stack.

• Clarify the dependencies and supplier responsibilities across the integration boundaries of the different system components. This information will be used develop a framework that supports warranty and ongoing services agreements when moving into procurement.

• Understand the impacts of open-source process automation and control on individual component and support software, in particular what are the specified requirements to achieve interoperability with other machines and digital systems supporting data acquisition, digital twinning and process simulation.

• Understand the level of specification required to deliver the desired outcomes such as communication using unified standards and protocols, networks, bandwidth, baud rates, programming languages and software to deliver suitable automation capabilities for the AMRF development environment and the nominated use cases.


NSW Regions: Cumberland/Prospect, Nepean, South West Sydney, Illawarra

RFT Type

Invitation To Respond - This is not a tender. The system is being used for invitation for public response to information published on, or accessible through, this website. Examples would include EIS, discussion papers, requests for information, registrations for position appointments, etc.

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