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Forward Procurement Notice : Subdivision works at Bonnyrigg - LAHC 2020/392

Proposed ID LAHC 2020/392
Notice Publish Date 22-Jun-2020
Expected End Date 31-Jan-2021
Covered Procurement Yes
Category (based on UNSPSC)
81101500 - Civil engineering
Agency Land and Housing Corporation

Contact Person
LAHC Procurement
Phone: 9354 1121

Proposed Tender Details

This is ONLY a notice. NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) will be seeking to engage a principal civil works contractor to undertake civil works in Bonnyrigg. This notice aims to raise market awareness of the requirement for a civil works contractor to be accredited in order to be considered in the upcoming LAHC subdivision project tender. It is not a formal request for tender and no response is required.


NSW Regions: South West Sydney

Additional Details / Instructions

LAHC, within the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is responsible for the NSW Government’s social housing portfolio, including future supply. LAHC will be delivering land redevelopment  projects, with the assistance of a principal civil works contractor. 

Delivery Model

LAHC will perform the development management function and engage a principal civil contractor to undertake the subdivision works. LAHC will need to engage a civil works contractor that is accredited on the Commonwealth Government’s Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (Scheme).  This Scheme applies in circumstances where a project contract includes building works of $4 million or more (GST inclusive) and:


  • the value of the Australian Commonwealth Government contribution to the project is at least $6 million (including GST) and represents at least 50 per cent of the total construction project; or

  • the Australian Government contribution to a project is $10 million (including GST) or more, irrespective of the proportion of Australian Government funding.

Accreditation under the Scheme will be included in forthcoming eligibility criteria in LAHC’s tenders (including any future projects).

The Scheme is administered by the Attorney-General’s Department through the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner, with further information on their website:


The Project

Bonnyrigg Stages 7B-11

The Bonnyrigg project is a multi-stage redevelopment of 833 social homes previously constructed under the Radburn scheme. The redevelopment program will transform the precinct into a modern mixed community of around 3,000 dwellings and will provide a mix of social and private housing that better meets the needs of the wider community.


Stages 1 to 5 are complete and have delivered 212 social and 336 private houses. Civil works for Stages 6 and 7a were completed in early 2020 and land registration finalised.  Construction of 44 new social homes and 98 private homes is now underway.

A Development Application for Stages 7B to 11 is being prepared for lodgement with Fairfield City Council by August 2020, for a proposed 257 lot subdivision to be delivered in two tranches.  145 older social homes will be progressively demolished as tenants are relocated elsewhere on the estate, to make way for the new development.

Civil works are expected to commence in the first half of 2021, and LAHC will proceed with a works tender program in early 2021 to appoint a civil contractor to deliver the civil works program.


Other matters

Please note that this notice does not constitute a formal invitation to tender. The intent is to raise awareness of the likely prerequisites which may affect some or all future LAHC tenders. This notice does not guarantee the contractor’s right to participate in any future LAHC tenders and normal procurement rules and processes apply.



Covered Procurement Details

  • The Procurement (Enforceable Procurement Provisions) Direction 2019 applies to this procurement
  • A government agency may conduct negotiations with suppliers regarding the procurement

Multi Agency Access