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Prequalification Scheme: Contingent Workforce - SCM0007

ATTENTION: From 21 April, scheme applications and updates will be paused on eTendering and will resume on the new schemes module on buy.nsw from 2 May.

Scheme ID SCM0007
Starts 24-Jan-2013
Ends 28-Feb-2028
RFT Publish Date 24-Jan-2013
RFT Close Date & Time
28-Feb-2028 11:45pm
ABN Required Yes
RFT Type Scheme Invitation
Agency NSW Procurement
Category Recruitment & Services

Contact Person
Phone: 1800679289

Scheme Details

SCM0007 Contingent Workforce Prequalification Scheme (Scheme) is open to applications at any time from recruitment organisations for the provision of contingent labour to NSW Government (NSWG) and other eligible customers.  This Scheme is managed by NSW Procurement and leverages NSWG’s buying power whilst opening up opportunities to small and medium enterprises, regional and boutique suppliers.

The objective of this Scheme is to provide a quality contingent workforce that is effectively and efficiently controlled and co-ordinated across NSWG. This Scheme will see the implementation of systems and processes to manage appropriate buying behaviour aligned to NSWG workforce planning objectives and will capture information associated with NSWG’s use of contingent workforce to reduce cost and improve candidate quality.

Under the Contractor Central operating model, a panel of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) source and manage contingent workers from prequalified suppliers on this Scheme.  MSPs work with prequalified suppliers in a vendor-neutral arrangement and transact only via the whole-of-government Vendor Management Systems being Beeline and SAP Fieldglass.

This Scheme will continually evolve to meet the needs of all stakeholders and brings the following benefits to buyers and suppliers:

  1. Opening up of categories – allowing suppliers to nominate the categories they have demonstrated their capability and providing hiring managers with more choice of suppliers
  2. Supplier mark-up has been standardised allowing hiring managers to focus on candidate quality instead of cost
  3. Contingent to Permanent conversion fee is a sliding scale over the initial 12 month period
  4. Simplifying procurement practice and
  5. Removes unnecessary red tape which negatively impacts on buyers and suppliers.

This Scheme also aims to reduce off contract spend and improve compliance by allowing all suppliers who meet the Scheme Conditions to do business with NSWG agencies and eligible customers.

Over the life of the Scheme there will be the flexibility to add more specialised role types when required.  The Scheme will continue to utilise categories for ease of searching and reporting. Suppliers will be able to apply for any and/or all categories and will be able to update their areas of capability in a simple manner.

If you require information about this Scheme, please visit or reach out to the Scheme Contact Person.

The information displayed below is a read-only version of the application process.

Vendor Instruction

Applicants should read the Scheme documents then answer the online questions.

Annexure 6 of the Scheme Documentation provides a list of role types per Category. This list is not exhaustive. Please review the lists then select the Categories you wish to apply for.

Where requested, please tell us about three (1) similar contingent roles you have filled in the past six (6) months. Please use the template provided.

Once all questions have been answered, submit your application online.

Prequalification Types


Suppliers are requested to provide company details, marketing material and capability statements as part of their application for Scheme membership. Templates are provided for Suppliers to use.


Terms and Conditions


The Applicant must identify its areas of substantial expertise by nominating the categories in which it is seeking prequalification.

  • A. Administration
    </br>Administration Assistant</br> Call or Contact Centre Team Leader</br> Customer Service Officer</br> Data Entry Operator</br> Executive Assistant</br> Office Support</br> Receptionist / Switchboard Operator</br></br>
  • B. Finance
    </br>Accountant / Management Accountant /Senior Accountant</br> Auditor / Audit Manager / Auditor (Senior) / IT Auditor</br> Business Analyst / Financial Analyst</br> Credit Officer / Manager</br> Finance Officer / Accounts Clerk / Bookkeeper</br> Finance Specialist</br> Financial Controller</br> Financial Planner</br> Investigator</br> Payroll Officer / Manager</br></br>
  • C. Specialist
    </br>Communications / Media / Promotion / Public Relations</br> Contract / Procurement / Vendor (Officer or Manager)</br> Distribution / Warehouse / Inventory (Officer or Manager)</br> Field Officer</br> Graphic Designer</br> Human Resources / Training & Development / Trainers</br> Lease (Administrator or Negotiator)</br> Legal Support / Law Clerks / Paralegal</br> Library / Archives / Record Management</br> Logistics / Supply Chain (Officer or Manager)</br> Marketing / Advertising (Officer, Manager or Specialist)</br> Policy (Officer or Manager)</br> Program (Officer, Manager or Director)</br> Project (Officer, Manager or Analyst)</br> Property Valuer / Conveyancer</br> Security Specialist</br></br>
  • D. Industrial
    </br>Apprentice</br>Arborist</br> Battery Fitter</br> Blacksmith / Boilermaker</br> Bricklayer</br> Bridge Worker</br> Building Inspector</br> Building Services Employee</br> Carpenter</br> Chef </br> Cleaner</br> Concrete Inspector</br> Concreter</br> Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator</br> Crossing Supervisor</br> Driver / Truck Driver / Tow Truck Driver</br> Electrician</br> Fencer</br> Fitter</br> Gardener</br> Kitchen hand</br> Labourer - Various</br> Landscape Gardener</br> Leading Hand</br> Line Marker</br> Maintenance Handyman</br> Maintenance Patrolman</br> Maintenance Planner</br> Mechanic</br> Operators of Explosive - Powered Tools</br> Painter</br> Plant Operator</br> Plasterer</br> Plumber</br> Production Worker</br> Rigger</br> Road / Bridge Performance Tester</br> Road Traffic Controller</br> Road Worker</br> Roofer</br> Security Officer</br> Signwriter</br> Steersman</br> Stonemason</br> Storeman and Packer</br> Storeperson</br> Survey Field Hand</br> Team Leader</br> Timberperson</br> Track Worker / Labourer</br> Tradesperson's / Technician's Assistant</br> Transport Facility Worker</br> Waiter</br> Welder</br> Yardman</br></br>
  • D (ACT). Industrial (ACT)
    If applying for this category, it is a mandatory requirement to provide and attach a copy of your Industrial Relations & Employment Obligations (IRE) certificate.
  • E. Professional
    </br>Archaeology and Heritage Advisor</br> Architect</br> Camera Enforcement Officer</br> Chemist</br> Engineer - Bridge / Chemical / Civil / Construction / Electrical / Electronic / Industrial / Mechanical / Maintenance / Traffic etc</br> Environmental Officer / Scientist</br> Food Technologist</br> Geographic Information Specialist</br> Geologist</br> Geophysicist</br> Hydrologist</br> Metallurgist</br> OHS&R / Safety Compliance Officer / Manager</br> Project Engineer</br> Project Manager / Officer</br> Project Planner / Cost Engineer</br> Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager</br> Scientist</br> Surveyor / Engineering Surveyor</br> Town Planner</br> Traffic and Transport Planner</br> Urban and Regional Planner</br></br>
  • F. Technical
    </br>Asset Officer / Manager</br> Clerk of Works</br> Control Room Supervisor</br> Designer - Construction / Industrial</br> Development Officer / Manager</br> Documentation Officer</br> Drafter</br> Engineering Associate / Technician</br> Estimator</br> Facilities or Property Officer / Manager</br> Inspector</br> Installation & Maintenance Supervisor</br> Interior Designer</br> Property Acquisition Officer</br> Signal Technician</br> Site Supervisor</br> Site/Works Supervisor</br> Surveillance Officer / Steel Inspection - Bridges</br> Surveyor's Assistant</br> Technical Officer</br> Technician - Engineering / Science / Laboratory / Processing</br></br>
  • G. ICT Network and Equipment
    </br>Computer Network and Systems Engineer</br> Data Network Engineer</br> Hardware Technician</br> Network Administrator</br> Network Designer / Architect</br> Network Security Consultant</br> Network Support</br> Network Technical Consultant</br> Network / Operations Manager</br> Novell Engineer / Specialist</br> PABX Systems Technician</br> Radiocommunications Technician</br> Server Engineer</br> Support and Test Engineers</br> Support Technicians</br> Telco / Voice / Communications Analyst</br> Telecommunications Engineer / Field Engineer</br> Telecommunications Network Engineer</br> Telecommunications Technician</br> VoIP Consultant</br> WAN Specialist</br></br>
  • H. ICT Management, Implementation and Support
    </br>Business Continuity Manager</br> Business to Business Integration Specialist</br> Change Management Specialist</br> CIO</br> Data Centre Facilities Supervisor</br> Data Centre Support Analyst</br> Desktop Support</br> Documentation Specialist</br> Help Desk Support / Manager</br> ICT Business Analyst</br> ICT Operations Manager</br> ICT Strategy Planner / Consultant</br> ICT Trainer</br> IT Manager</br> IT Specialist / ICT Consultant</br> Project Coordinator / Project Manager / Program Manager</br> Security Consultant / Specialist</br> Technical Manager</br>
  • I. ICT Applications, Databases and Systems
    </br>.Net Specialist</br> Analyst Programmer / Applications Developer</br> C# Specialist</br> Computer Operator</br> Data Modeller / Architect</br> Data Warehouse Technologist / Specialist / Developer</br> Database Administrator / Designer / Analyst</br> Email Technical Specialist</br> ERP/CRM Functional / Technical Consultant</br> Mercury Specialist</br> Microsoft Consultant</br> Multimedia Designer / Specialist</br> SAP Professionals</br> Siebel Specialist</br> Software Engineer</br> Solaris / Unix Administrator</br> Solution Architects / Designers</br> System Tester</br> Systems Administrator</br> Systems Analyst</br> Systems Architect / Designer</br> Technical Writer</br> Test Manager / Leader / Analyst</br> TSM Specialist</br> Web Site Content Manager</br> Web Site Designer / Consultant / Developer</br></br>
  • J. Transport
    </br><u><i>Rail Specific and Technical - Rail Technical Project Management</i></u></br> Contract Officer Rail Infrastructure & Rollingstock</br> Project Officer Rail Infrastructure & Rollingstock</br> Design Engineer</br> Project Director Rail Infrastructure</br> Project Manager Rail Infrastructure</br> Project Co-Ordinator</br> Project Director Rollingstock</br> Project Engineer Rollingstock</br> Project Manager Rollingstock</br> Maintenance Planning Engineer</br> Project Engineer Rail Infrastructure</br> Project Surveyor</br> Site Manager</br> Technical Support Officer</br> Technical Specialist</br> Construction Manager</br> Site Supervisor</br> </br><i><u>Rail Specific and Technical - Engineering</i></u></br> CAD Drafter</br> Engineer</br> Engineering Advisor</br> Engineering Manager</br> Geotechnical Advisor</br> Project Design Engineer</br> Project Engineer</br> Quality Engineer</br> Quality Surveyor</br> Reliability Engineer</br> Signalling Engineer</br> Systems Engineer</br> Civil Engineer</br> Design Engineer</br> Mechanical Engineer</br> Geospatial Officer</br> Senior Engineer Consultant</br> </br><i><u>Rail Specific and Technical - Design and Architecture</i></u></br> Architect</br> Estimator</br> Senior Architect</br> Town Planner</br> Designer</br> Surveyor</br> </br><i><u>Rail Specific and Technical - Rail Infrastructure</i></u></br> Logistics Manager</br> Maintenance Manager</br> Operations Manager</br> Process Engineer</br> Quality Engineer</br> Signalling Designer</br> Signalling Engineer</br> Signalling Supervisor</br> Site Supervisor</br> </br><i><u>Safety - Legal</i></u></br> Compliance Manager</br> General Counsel</br> Lawyer</br> Legal Secretary</br> Paralegal</br> Solicitor</br></br>
  • K. Education
    </br>Canteen Assistant</br> Child Care Assistant</br> Examination Supervisor</br> Lecturer</br> Sports Coach - all sports</br> Teacher Support - all disciplines</br> Tutor - Academic / Music</br></br>
  • L. Other
    <br/>Access control<br/>Car park attendant<br/>Corporate host<br/>Disability Care Workers<br/>Event staff / manager<br/>Queue management<br/>Ticket seller / box office<br/>Traffic controller<br/>Turnstile operator<br/>Usher<br/>
  • M. NSW State Emergency Services
    <BR> Arborist<BR> Debris removal<BR> Elevated Work Platform Contractor<BR> Mulching of vegetation<BR> Stump grinding<BR> Tree lopping service<BR> Tree removal<BR>

Advanced Questionnaire

The Applicant must answer the following questions based on the prequalification type they are applying for

Company Profile

Please provide your profit & loss and balance sheets for the last three consecutive financial years *
Response Type: Upload
Do you engage a third party to employ or payroll your contingent workers? *
Response Type: Free Text
What system do you use to payroll your workers? *
Response Type: Free Text

Equity and Diversity

Do you accommodate the needs of job seekers with a disability in skill assessment tests? *
Have you received disability confident employer status?
In the past 12 months, have you successfully placed a person with disability in employment?

Demonstrated Experience

Please provide a list of your most recent placements and referee contact details (One per category applied). *

Contingent Workforce Capability Statement

Response Type: Upload

Supplying Services in the ACT

Do you intend to supply services in the ACT? *

Ethical Suppliers Statutory Declaration for the ACT

Please complete and attach the Ethical Suppliers Statutory Declaration.

Contractor Central Ethical Suppliers Declaration.docx

Response Type: Upload

ACT Labour Hire Licensing Scheme

If applying to provide contingent labour services in the ACT, it is a mandatory requirement to hold a current Labour Hire License.

Please upload a copy of your Labour Hire License and provide the expiry date. You must ensure that the name on your certificate is exactly the same name under which you are applying for this Scheme. For further information in regards to applying for your License please go to:

Response Type: Upload

Insurance - Public Liability

Please upload your certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance and provide the insurance expiry date. *

The Scheme rules require a minimum coverage of $5M in respect of each claim for the period of cover.

Please upload your certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance and provide the insurance expiry date. You must ensure that the name on your certificate is exactly the same name under which you are applying for this Scheme

Response Type: Upload & Date

Insurance - Professional Indemnity

Please upload your certificate of currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance and provide the insurance expiry date. *

The Scheme rules require a minimum coverage of $5M in respect of each claim for the period of cover.

Please upload your certificate of currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance and provide the insurance expiry date. You must ensure that the name on your certificate is exactly the same name under which you are applying for this Scheme.

Response Type: Upload & Date

Insurance - Workers Compensation

Please upload your current Workers Compensation Insurance in accordance with applicable legislations and provide the expiry date. *

You must ensure that the name on your certificate is exactly the same name under which you are applying for this Scheme.

Response Type: Upload & Date

Insurance - Workers Compensation - ACT

Please upload a current Workers Compensation Insurance certificate for ACT and provide the insurance expiry date.

If you want to provide your services in another state (inclusive of the state selected in the above question), then for the second state, please upload a current Workers Compensation Insurance certificate and provide the insurance expiry date. You must ensure that the name and the ABN on your certificate is exactly the same name and ABN under which you are applying for this Scheme.

Response Type: Upload & Date

Workplace Health and Safety Statutory Obligations

OHS&R Statutory Obligations *

Do you comply with all Workplace Health and Safety statutory obligations as noted on

Workplace Health and Safety Systems

Do you have a documented workplace health and safety system? *
If you have a documented Workplace Health and Safety system, please attach a copy.
Response Type: Upload & Date

Amendment History

  1. 29-Nov-2013 3:42pm
    Minor amendments have been made to the Scheme conditions, including the addition of Annexure 7: Additional Conditions - Sydney Trains. This Annexure has been added to assist in the facilitation of the transition from RailCorp's WCCL to the Scheme. A list of all amendments can be found in the Scheme conditions on page 2, version control.


  2. 23-Jun-2014 5:28pm
    A new category has been added to the Scheme: Category M - NSW State Emergency Services.
    As a result a new question has been added to the questionnaire. This question is only applicable to those firms applying for category M.
    Please note that the Scheme Conditions have also been updated accordingly.
  3. 23-Jun-2014 6:23pm
    A new category has been added to the Scheme: Category M - NSW State Emergency Services.
    As a result a new question has been added to the questionnaire. This question is only applicable to those firms applying for category M.
  4. 2-Oct-2014 4:49pm
    • A new category has been added to the Scheme: Category N - Home Care Services. Annexure 10 provides details. As a result a new question has been added to the questionnaire. This question is only applicable to those firms applying for category N.
    • Clause 6.1.7 of the Scheme Conditions and Clause 1.3.2 in Schedule 4 - Master Services have been added. Suppliers must note that sub-contract arrangements are not allowed.
  5. 18-May-2015 3:28pm


    New questions have been added to


    • identify the value of Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance
    • identify a recognised Indigenous business


    Currently prequalified suppliers are required to update their profiles accordingly.


  6. 2-Jul-2015 2:08pm

    Scheme Rules updated.

  7. 19-Jan-2016 2:24pm

    Minor updates to Scheme Rules including updated referee reporting template.

  8. 19-Jan-2016 3:33pm

    Version control date updated

  9. 11-Feb-2016 12:40pm

    Minor update to scheme rules.

  10. 2-Nov-2016 12:21pm

    Scheme Rules updated.

  11. 12-Dec-2016 4:09pm

    Amendment made to the scheme conditions to include ACT requirements.

  12. 13-Dec-2016 1:03pm

    A new capability has been added to the scheme. The new category is D ACT.

  13. 13-Feb-2017 3:05pm

    Amendment made to the scheme conditions.

  14. 27-Nov-2017 8:16am

    Scheme has been extended till 28 February 2028. Minor changes have been made to Scheme Rules.

  15. 10-Jul-2018 5:04pm

    No action required. Scheme updated to define the term “acquisition” with associated supplier obligations.

  16. 31-Jul-2019 4:46pm

    Changes have been made to the scheme rules.


    Version 3.1 of the SCM0007 Scheme Rules contains:


    Employment Checks


    • There is a new Employment Check contract in place. Suppliers are no longer required to conduct employment checks on contingent workers. Costs for supplier co-ordinated checks will not be reimbursed.


    General Changes


    • Machinery of Government Department name changes
    • Clause 28.1 Reworded
    • Annexure 7 Clause AC18.2 Clarified to “GST Exclusive”
  17. 16-Sep-2020 4:02pm

    The application questionnaire has been updated. These changes apply to new applications. No action is needed from Vendors that are already approved on the scheme.

  18. 28-Apr-2021 5:36pm

    Category N is no longer a capability under Scheme 0007

  19. 2-Jul-2021 1:10pm

    Labour Hire Licencing update and Ethical Suppliers Stat Dec  

  20. 5-Jul-2021 11:59am


    Subject: Release of Expression of Interest for Payroll Services




    Dear Supplier




    We are pleased to announce the release of an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the provision of payroll services for NSW Government Contingent Workers. The published EOI can be found;;sdata=qrEvSylAoCnXstgOVGE8A0cBidmNFqVPMwacOnsfcZo%3D&amp;reserved=0


    As outlined in the past Supplier Forum, NSW Government is willing to set up a panel arrangement with a limited number of suppliers (consolidating volume) for the provision of payroll services for the contingent workforce (Pillar 4). The panel is expected to include a diverse range of suppliers, including Aboriginal owned businesses, social enterprises, small and medium enterprises, regional businesses, disability employment organisations, as well as large businesses.  




    All suppliers in this new payroll services panel are expected to provide payroll services for a fee that does not exceed 2.5% of the Contingent Worker normal time Pay Rate (or an equivalent fixed dollar amount). Details of the Services sought in this panel are defined in the published EOI.




    The purpose of this EOI is to assess market interest and supply capacity for this panel. If enough suppliers express their interest through this EOI, a closed subsequent procurement process to select suppliers may follow, where only respondents to this EOI will be considered. 












  21. 5-Apr-2023 12:42pm

    Updated Scheme Conditions.