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Contract 333 Lessors Panel - SCM4761

Scheme ID SCM4761
Starts 6-Nov-2017
Ends 30-Jun-2026
RFT Publish Date 6-Nov-2017
RFT Close Date & Time
30-Jun-2026 12:00pm
ABN Required Yes
RFT Type Scheme Invitation
Agency NSW Procurement
Category Motor Vehicles

Contact Person
Lisa Lancaster
Phone: 1800 679 289

Scheme Details

The lessors on contract 333 provide financing for operating leases on vehicles that are fleet managed by fleet management providers on Contract 300 Fleet management panel.

Each month, all leases for vehicles to be delivered during the following month will be bid on between lessors on the lessors panel via a restricted request for quotation on the eTendering website. Quotes are assessed by NSW Procurement and remain valid for three months after the initial delivery date provided by the dealer.

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Vendor Instruction

This Scheme is open only to Prequalified Suppliers under the Lessors Panel Contract 333. The end date of this contract is 30 June 2026, and only Suppliers who have been invited should provide an application. Further information on this contract can be found on buy.nsw (

Prequalification Types



Terms and Conditions


The Applicant must identify its areas of substantial expertise by nominating the categories in which it is seeking prequalification.

  • Existing Lessor Panel Contract 333

Prequalified Questionnaire

The Applicant must answer the following questions based on the prequalification type they are applying for


Are you an existing panel member on Contract 333? *

If no, you will not be eligible to prequalify on this scheme.


Current Registered Suppliers

Approved Vendors

Amendment History

  1. 28-Nov-2018 9:13am

    Contract extended to 4/3/2020

  2. 3-Sep-2019 9:47am

    Change of email address.

  3. 3-Dec-2019 11:23am

    Update dates. 

  4. 17-Jan-2020 2:46pm

    Contract Extension till March 2021

  5. 13-May-2021 11:55am

    Extended the Scheme End Date to cover the new contract period up until 2026. 

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