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Customer Service / ESS 2.0 - Integrated IT System - RFT-10043901

RFT ID RFT-10043901
RFT Type Pre-Qualified / Invited
Published 21-Jun-2021
Closes 13-Aug-2021 10:00am
Category (based on UNSPSC)
81162000 - Cloud-based software as a service
Agency Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW

Agency Address
PO Box K35, Haymarket Post Shop, NSW 1240
Level 16, 2-24 Rawson Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Contact Person
Bianca Naidu
Phone: (02) 9113 7787

Tender Details

IPART envisages a portal where external stakeholders can log in and be presented a holistic view of their organisation’s account activities - including, but not limited to:

• The registry of certificates it has created,

• The current workflows it can launch or has in-progress,

• Its history of compliance under the scheme.

It is important that external stakeholders can discharge all of their “day-to-day” Safeguard Scheme activities from within the one system.

IPART Regulation and Compliance staff could look at a single organisation and drill down on their activities or compliance history, while other staff use a dashboard to prioritise and process the many workflows that are in-progress and require IPART’s feedback and actioning.

The Energy Security Safeguard is governed by legislation and scheme rules, which are subject to change. Scheme rules, in particular are updated on a regular basis (which can be yearly or more frequently). Changes to scheme rules may require data capture, workflows, or reporting requirements in the system to change, and IPART must be able to expand and adapt the system easily as time passes.


Refer to Additional Details / Instructions

RFT Type

Pre-Qualified / Invited - Only those directly invited to tender, may obtain an RFT for the purpose of lodging a tender response. Generally an invitation from a pre-qualified register of approved tenderers who have the ability to undertake the particular work or type of work proposed, a limited number of service providers are known to carry out the work or service (or in emergency or other restricted situations). Tenderers have usually been pre-qualified, accredited, or selected for the type of work and financial range. Competitive bids called from a standing offer (panel / period) contracts would also use this type.

Additional Details / Instructions

 Supplier Requirement

Only Companies registered as ‘Advanced Suppliers’ under the NSW ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020), and registered for the sub category ‘M03’, are eligible for this opportunity.


This solution will be delivered to Level 16, 2-24 Rawson Place, Sydney CBD, NSW


Address for Lodgement

All lodgements must be through NSW eTendering

Conditions for Participation

Please refer to the RFP documents.

Multi Agency Access