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Customer Service / Integrated Information Management Toolset: - 0602931

RFT ID 0602931
RFT Type Pre-Qualified / Invited
Published 2-Jan-2007
Closes 17-Jan-2007 9:30am
Category (based on UNSPSC)
81000000 - Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services
Agency ZArchived Agencies

Contact Person
Frances Asher
Phone: 02 9372 9160

Tender Details

Development of an Integrated Information Management Toolset

Tenders can only be submitted by consultants invited - selected from the Product and Services Directory of the Records Management Association of Australasia (RMAA) or otherwise advised


NSW Regions: Central West, Far West, Hunter, Illawarra, Mid North Coast, Murray, Murrumbidgee, Northern, North Western, Richmond Tweed, South Eastern, Sydney

RFT Type

Pre-Qualified / Invited - Only those directly invited to tender, may obtain an RFT for the purpose of lodging a tender response. Generally an invitation from a pre-qualified register of approved tenderers who have the ability to undertake the particular work or type of work proposed, a limited number of service providers are known to carry out the work or service (or in emergency or other restricted situations). Tenderers have usually been pre-qualified, accredited, or selected for the type of work and financial range. Competitive bids called from a standing offer (panel / period) contracts would also use this type.

Tender Respondents

Business Name Trading Name Address
Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd - Level 1, 15 Wentworth Avenue
Sydney NSW 2000
Synercon Management Consulting Pty Ltd - Unit 28, 1 Figtree Avenue
Abbotsford NSW 2046
Utility Services Corporation Limited Opticon Australia Utility Asset Management 118 Balmain Street
Richmond VIC 3121
Zenith Management Services Group Pty Ltd - Suite 301, Level 3, 10 Help Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

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Additional Details / Instructions

This RFQ is restricted to invited firms only.
Those firms (listed below) have been issued directly with the access password required by this site

The invited firms are:

    Codice Pty Ltd
    Document Management Consultancy
    Enterprise Knowledge Pty Ltd
    INFOMAN Pty Ltd
    Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd
    Information Management Solutions Pty Ltd
    Integrated Business Improvement Services (IBIS)
    Integrated Records and Information Solutions (IRIS)
    Opticon Australia & New Zealand
    Outsource Australia Pty Ltd/Converga Pty Ltd
    Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd
    Records and Archives Services
    Records Solutions Pty Ltd
    Siller Systems Administration
    Solved at McConchie Pty Ltd
    Synercon Management Consulting
    The One Umbrella
    Zenith Information Management Services
Notes for invited firms:

To access the respondable document and to lodge a response you must first use the Access password provided by the contact officer.

By clicking on the blue Download A Soft Copy or Order A Hard Copy links at the bottom of this page, using the password to gain access, registering your firm, and download or order the electronic tender documents.

The Access password is followed by a requirement to logon as an eTendering system user. If you are a current user enter the registered user email address and password, or if not select the blue new user registration link and follow the instructions.

When the tender is complete, it may be lodged by clicking on the blue LODGE A RESPONSE link at the bottom of the page, again using the Access password and user login, then following onscreen instructions to submit your electronic tender.