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Customer Service / Subsidence Advisory NSW Independent Assessment Prequalification Scheme - SCM4721

ATTENTION: From 21 April, scheme applications and updates will be paused on eTendering and will resume on the new schemes module on buy.nsw from 2 May.

Scheme ID SCM4721
Starts 13-Oct-2017
Ends 31-Dec-2023
RFT Publish Date 13-Oct-2017
RFT Close Date & Time
31-Dec-2023 12:00pm
ABN Required Yes
RFT Type Scheme Invitation
Agency Better Regulation Division
Category Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services

Contact Person
Subsidence Advisory NSW
Phone: 02 4908 4300

Scheme Details

Subsidence Advisory NSW (SA NSW) is now outsourcing the claims assessment process.  Opportunities exist for providers to deliver services to community members whose properties may have been affected by mine subsidence damage.

Following large scale reforms to SA NSW’s governing legislation and operating framework, service providers are required in the following construction and professional services fields:

  • Building Inspector and Estimator

  • Civil Engineering

  • Environmental Studies

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Property Valuer

  • Quantity Surveying

  • Rail Engineer

  • Structural Engineering

  • Surveyor

  • Utility and Asset Locating Consultant

Following stakeholder feedback, the NSW Government agreed that using private sector service providers to assess claims for possible damage resulting from mine subsidence would increase efficiency and transparency of the claims compensation process.

The scheme provides SA NSW access to a pool of diverse, quality service providers with relevant expertise to assist in the delivery of high quality results in mine subsidence claims management.

Background Information 

The scheme has been established as part of the NSW Government’s reforms to management of coal mine subsidence under the Coal Mine Subsidence Compensation Act 2017. The reforms arise from a comprehensive review of the current 1961 Act, and follow significant industry consultation.

Key changes to the Act include:

  • Coal mine operators in NSW will be directly accountable for subsidence damage they cause. Previously coal mine operators would pay a levy to a compensation fund to cover subsidence damage. This effectively discharged them of any liability arising from subsidence damage.

  • SA NSW the peak regulatory body for mine subsidence compensation, will establish a new case management system where individual case managers are assigned to property owners to ensure they are treated fairly throughout the compensation process.

  • All claims will be lodged with SA NSW through a new ePortal allowing property owners to have visibility of their claim throughout the process.

  • Claims for compensation will be subject to an independent assessment by an assessor from the prequalification scheme. Mine proprietors and SA NSW will be required to compensate property owners in accordance with these assessments.

SA NSW’s Prequalification Scheme offers a platform for service providers to tender for provision of assessment services to government agencies.

The pool of prequalified service providers will provide assessment expertise and services to assist in the investigation and determination of any potential mine subsidence claims within NSW.

To achieve prequalification, Applicants are required to provide evidence of demonstrated experience within the category/ies nominated and client contact details confirming organisational capability in that type of work.

Scheme Conditions and Agreements shall be agreed in principle upon submission of your Scheme Application.

Investigation, Assessment and Project specific terms such as scope, timeline and fees shall be agreed during subsequent tender process.

Opportunities and Expectations of the Scheme

The scheme provides simple access for SA NSW and service providers. It promotes increased competition to enable SA NSW and NSW Government to get value for money services.

It should be noted that prequalification does not guarantee works or projects to service providers. Historically greater than 300 claims per year have been lodged. The nature and volume of claims work is difficult to predict and will fluctuate.

Benefits for suppliers

  • the online application removes lengthy and expensive tender processes.

  • suppliers can be added regularly, giving agencies continual access to new suppliers and emerging technologies.

  • streamlined categories enabling suppliers to align their offerings and maximise opportunities to provide services to SA NSW.

  • a short-form contract with simplified terms provides opportunities for SMEs and reduces costs of doing business with SA NSW.


The information displayed below is a read-only version of the application process.

Vendor Instruction

Applicants must answer all questions in this online application and provide the information requested.

Incomplete applications or applications deemed unsatisfactory may be rejected by the Assessment body.

It is recommended that applications are submitted from a generic/proxy email address (such as to ensure applications are managed accordingly. Correspondence about the application for prequalification will be sent to the email address that submitted the application.

Applicants must identify their area of expertise by nominating their preferred Region/s and Capability categories.

It is recommended that the applicant download and review the scheme documents prior to completing the application. Refer in particular to the “Categories by Region” document which will provide guidance for capability selection.

Download the Guidelines for applicants (PDF, 312KB)

Download the Scheme Terms and Conditions (PDF, 697KB).

Applications to be complete via eTendering website

Applicants have the opportunity to apply for work categories relating to investigation and assessment of potential mine subsidence across different regions. It is the applicants responsibility to update their information and re-apply for further capabilities as their experience grows.


Prequalification Types

Service Provider

You will be asked to select Region/s and Category/ies for which you can provide sufficient evidence of your experience. You will also have the opportunity to select one or more areas of expertise (Capabilities), should that apply to your business.


Terms and Conditions


The Applicant must identify its areas of substantial expertise by nominating the categories in which it is seeking prequalification.

A - Building Inspector and Estimator
  • A01. Nepean
    Building Inspector and Estimator within Nepean region
  • A02. South West Sydney
    Building Inspector and Estimator within South West Sydney region
  • A03. Central Coast
    Building Inspector and Estimator within Central Coast region
  • A04. Hunter
    Building Inspector and Estimator within Hunter region
  • A05. Central West
    Building Inspector and Estimator within Central West region
  • A06. Orana/Far West
    Building Inspector and Estimator within Orana/Far West region
  • A07. New England
    Building Inspector and Estimator within New England region
  • A08. Illawarra
    Building Inspector and Estimator within Illawarra region
B - Civil Engineering
  • B01. Nepean
    Civil Engineering within Nepean region
  • B02. South West Sydney
    Civil Engineering within South West Sydney region
  • B03. Central Coast
    Civil Engineering within Central Coast region
  • B04. Hunter
    Civil Engineering within Hunter region
  • B05. Central West
    Civil Engineering within Central West region
  • B06. Orana/Far West
    Civil Engineering within Orana/Far West region
  • B07. New England
    Civil Engineering within New England region
  • B08. Illawarra
    Civil Engineering within Illawarra region
C - Environmental Studies
  • C01. Nepean
    Environmental Studies within Nepean region
  • C02. South West Sydney
    Environmental Studies within South West Sydney region
  • C03. Central Coast
    Environmental Studies within Central Coast region
  • C04. Hunter
    Environmental Studies within Hunter region
  • C05. Central West
    Environmental Studies within Central West region
  • C06. Orana/Far West
    Environmental Studies within Orana/Far West region
  • C07. New England
    Environmental Studies within New England region
  • C08. Illawarra
    Environmental Studies within Illawarra region
D - Geotechnical Engineering
  • D01. Nepean
    Geotechnical Engineering within Nepean region
  • D02. South West Sydney
    Geotechnical Engineering within South West Sydney region
  • D03. Central Coast
    Geotechnical Engineering within Central Coast region
  • D04. Hunter
    Geotechnical Engineering within Hunter region
  • D05. Central West
    Geotechnical Engineering within Central West region
  • D06. Orana/Far West
    Geotechnical Engineering within Orana/Far West region
  • D07. New England
    Geotechnical Engineering within New England region
  • D08. Illawarra
    Geotechnical Engineering within Illawarra region
E - Property Valuer
  • E01. Nepean
    Property Valuer within Nepean region
  • E02. South West Sydney
    Property Valuer within South West Sydney region
  • E03. Central Coast
    Property Valuer within Central Coast region
  • E04. Hunter
    Property Valuer within Hunter region
  • E05. Central West
    Property Valuer within Central West region
  • E06. Orana/Far West
    Property Valuer within Orana/Far West region
  • E07. New England
    Property Valuer within New England region
  • E08. Illawarra
    Property Valuer within Illawarra region
F - Quantity Surveying
  • F01. Nepean
    Quantity Surveying within Nepean region
  • F02. South West Sydney
    Quantity Surveying within South West Sydney region
  • F03. Central Coast
    Quantity Surveying within Central Coast region
  • F04. Hunter
    Quantity Surveying within Hunter region
  • F05. Central West
    Quantity Surveying within Central West region
  • F06. Orana/Far West
    Quantity Surveying within Orana/Far West region
  • F07. New England
    Quantity Surveying within New England region
  • F08. Illawarra
    Quantity Surveying within Illawarra region
G - Rail Engineers
  • G01. Nepean
    Rail Engineers within Nepean region
  • G02. South West Sydney
    Rail Engineers within South West Sydney region
  • G03. Central Coast
    Rail Engineers within Central Coast region
  • G04. Hunter
    Rail Engineers within Hunter region
  • G05. Central West
    Rail Engineers within Central West region
  • G06. Orana/Far West
    Rail Engineers within Orana/Far West region
  • G07. New England
    Rail Engineers within New England region
  • G08. Illawarra
    Rail Engineers within Illawarra region
H - Structural Engineering
  • H01. Nepean
    Structural Engineering within Nepean region
  • H02. South West Sydney
    Structural Engineering within South West Sydney region
  • H03. Central Coast
    Structural Engineering within Central Coast region
  • H04. Hunter
    Structural Engineering within Hunter region
  • H05. Central West
    Structural Engineering within Central West region
  • H06. Orana/Far West
    Structural Engineering within Orana/Far West region
  • H07. New England
    Structural Engineering within New England region
  • H08. Illawarra
    Structural Engineering within Illawarra region
I - Surveyor
  • I01. Nepean
    Surveyor within Nepean region
  • I02. South West Sydney
    Surveyor within South West Sydney region
  • I03. Central Coast
    Surveyor within Central Coast region
  • I04. Hunter
    Surveyor within Hunter region
  • I05. Central West
    Surveyor within Central West region
  • I06. Orana/Far West
    Surveyor within Orana/Far West region
  • I07. New England
    Surveyor within New England region
  • I08. Illawarra
    Surveyor within Illawarra region
J - Utility and Asset Locating Consultant
  • J01. Nepean
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within Nepean region
  • J02. South West Sydney
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within South West Sydney region
  • J03. Central Coast
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within Central Coast region
  • J04. Hunter
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within Hunter region
  • J05. Central West
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within Central West region
  • J06. Orana/Far West
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within Orana/Far West region
  • J07. New England
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within New England region
  • J08. Illawarra
    Utility and Asset Locating Consultant within Illawarra region

Service Provider Questionnaire

The Applicant must answer the following questions based on the prequalification type they are applying for

Legal & Financial

Financial Capacity *

In submitting this application, applicants confirm all of the following:

- The applicant is solvent; (your business’s net tangible assets are greater than its liabilities);

- The applicant has sufficient financial and business resources to deliver the services described in the Scheme documentation;

- Not subject to insolvency proceedings; and

- Is able to pay all debts when they are due for payment.

If you are offered work your business may be required to get an independent financial assessment. NSW Government agencies may be required to assess a service provider's financial capacity at the time of engagement or tendering, and their ongoing ability to deliver the contracted works throughout the contract period.

Does the applicant agree to the above?

Fines, Prosecutions and Convictions *

Please complete and upload the Attachment 1 for details regarding fines, prosecutions and convictions.

Complete and upload the attached template in 'Word' or 'PDF' format

Attachment 1 - Fines Prosecutions and Convictions1.3.docx

Response Type: Upload
Confidentiality Deed *

Applicants will be required to enter into a Confidentiality Deed with the NSW Resources Regulator in order to access geospatial information relevant to mine subsidence investigations.

The applicant agrees to enter into a confidentiality deed with the NSW Resources Regulator where required.

Contact and Key Personnel

Organisation Details, Contact and Key Personnel Experience *

Please complete and upload the Attachment 2 for organisational details and qualifications of key staff.

Complete and upload the attached template in 'Word' or 'PDF' format

Attachment 2 Company profile, Org contact details & Key Personnel

Response Type: Upload


Demonstrated Experience *

Please complete and upload the Attachment 3 to demonstrate experience in any and all the capabilities applied for.

Complete and upload the attached template in ‘Word’ or ‘PDF’ format.

Attachment 3 Demonstrated Experience1.3.docx

Response Type: Upload

NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework

Procurement Policy Framework *

The Procurement Policy Framework is available at

Please confirm that the applicant agrees to comply with the requirements of the NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework.

Business Ethics

Statement of Business Ethics *

The DFSI Business Ethics Statement gives guidance to commercial partners and suppliers on expected behaviours. 

All individuals and organisations that deal with DFSI must adopt these standards of ethical behaviour as DFSI is committed to promoting integrity, ethical conduct and accountability in all areas of public administration.

The DFSI Business Ethics Statement can be found at:

Please confirm that the applicant agrees to comply with the requirements of the DFSI Business Ethics Statement



Workers Compensation *

Applicant agrees to maintain NSW workers’ compensation insurance as required by all relevant laws of NSW relating to workers’ compensation.

Where the Service provider is unable to obtain workers' compensation insurance because the service provider is a sole trader or partnership, the service provider must hold appropriate personal accident insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance *

You do not need to have Professional indemnity insurance when you make this application.

Professional indemnity insurance may be required in some circumstances. SA NSW will establish the risk standing for a particular engagement and specify the professional indemnity insurance requirements accordingly at time of engagement. 

Applicant agrees to maintain professional indemnity insurance for the term of an engagment when requested.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Where the Applicant already has Professional Indemnity Insurance, please upload the certificate of currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance and enter the insurance expiry date. You must ensure that the name on your certificate is exactly the same name under which you are applying for this Scheme.

The preferred policy amount should be for the minimum amount of $5M.

Response Type: Upload
Public Liability Insurance *

Please upload the latest insurance copy or copy of the broker's certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance and provide the insurance expiry date. You must ensure that the name on your certificate is exactly the same name under which you are applying for this Scheme.

The Public Liability Insurance is to be in the joint names of the Service Provider and the Principal, and for an amount not less than $20M.

Generally an annual policy held by the Service Provider, which provides appropriate cover suitable for the engagement and which covers the Principal in general terms (not necessarily naming the Principal), is satisfactory.

Response Type: Upload & Date

Rates/Costs of Services

Rate Card *

Applicants must provide their rates. Including Hourly and / or Daily Rates for labour services.

Provide pricing schedule using Attachment 4.

Complete and upload the attached template in ‘Excel’ or ‘PDF’ format.

Attachment4 - Rate Card v2.1.xlsx

Response Type: Upload

WHS Management System

Work Health and Safety System *

Do you have a documented workplace health and safety system?

WHS Management System

If you have a documented workplace health and safety system, please attach a copy.

Response Type: Upload

Applicant's Statement

Applicant's Declaration *

I am authorised to submit this application for and on behalf of the applicant and in doing so warrant that it is financially solvent, not subject to any legal proceedings or ICAC inquiry/ies, and the information provided is true and correct and the firm's agreement to comply with NSW government requirements.

Applicant's Contact Details *

The applicant declaration is confirmed by the applicant's authorised representative.

Please provide the full name, title and contact telephone number of the applicant's authorised representative.

Telephone number:

Response Type: Free Text

Amendment History

  1. 18-Jul-2018 2:24pm


    Subsidence Advisory NSW (SANSW) would like to advise of changes to Attachment 4 – Rate Card (v2.1), to better align with the description of services and work specific requirements as outlined in the Guidelines for Applicants.


  2. 24-Sep-2018 11:22am

    Changes have been made to Scheme details wording to reflect the amendment of Legislation, 1 January 2018.  No change have been made to the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme.

  3. 29-Apr-2020 11:53am


    The Subsidence Advisory NSW Independent Assessment Scheme (SCM4721) has been extended to 31 Dec 2023 with the same terms and conditions. No action is required from buyers and suppliers.

  4. 19-May-2020 12:46pm


    Scheme conditions and templates have been updated. No action needed from approved suppliers.