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Transport for NSW (Roads and Maritime Projects) / M1 Pacific Motorway Extension to Raymond Terrace Project - Market Interaction Process - IPD-RM-10036701

RFT ID IPD-RM-10036701
RFT Type Invitation To Respond
Published 13-Nov-2020
Closes 20-Nov-2020 2:30pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
72141001 - Highway and road new construction service
Agency TfNSW (Roads and Maritime Projects)

Contact Person
Peter Carson
Phone: 02 4908 7516

Tender Details

The M1 Pacific Motorway Extension to Raymond Terrace Project (M12RT) is in the process of undertaking market engagement to gauge industry appetite and feedback on possible models to be utilised for the procurement of construction services and delivery of the project. This will be undertaken by way of a Market Interaction Process (MIP).

Industry partners are invited to participate in the M1 Pacific Motorway Extension to Raymond Terrace Project Market Interaction Process (M12RT MIP). The process of undertaking industry interaction in respect of proposed infrastructure delivery models is in line with the NSW Government’s 10 Point Plan for the Construction Industry.

Specifically, the M12RT MIP in accordance with the 10 Point Plan aims to:

  • Use early market engagement to elicit industry’s views on the best choice of procurement pathway for the project.
  • Seek the market’s views, early in the procurement process, about the extent of geotechnical and other due diligence that will help to reduce “in-ground” and other risks which are hard to investigate and forecast, and provide Government warranties for the factual accuracy of the resulting data.
  • Seek industry’s views on any other areas in which value for public money and industry sustainability could most readily be improved through risk-sharing.
  • Develop standard contractual risk-sharing mechanisms for these items which keep both parties appropriately incentivised but do not put the contractor’s overall viability at risk.
  • Work with industry to identify collaborative approaches across agencies and projects to manage and reduce utility-related risks.

In undertaking the M12RT MIP, TfNSW are seeking to identify the optimal delivery contract model and packaging strategy that will allow early commencement, and resultant early project opening (to deliver customer outcomes) and minimise overall project cost.

In order to achieve these objectives, the M12RT MIP will broadly consist of the following activities:

  • Advertising, registration, and establishment of eligibility to participate in the M12RT MIP commencing on Friday 13 November 2020.
  • Eligible industry partners accessing the M12RT MIP Electronic Data Room for the purposes of reviewing project documentation.
  • M12RT Information Briefing to all eligible participants (conducted via an online briefing session).
  • Development and lodgement of a M12RT MIP submission by registered industry partners which addresses TfNSW’s M12RT MIP questions.
  • Selected and registered industry partners may be invited to attend TfNSW facilitated technical and commercial interactive sessions in a confidential environment.

To participate in the MIP, registrations must be received by Friday 20 November 2020.

Industry access to the M12RT MIP information will conclude Friday 18 December 2020.

This project is jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Governments

Note to Participants: Electing to participate in any or all of the activities that form part of the M12RT MIP is completely optional and voluntary, and at the participants’ cost and risk.

Any industry partner that elects not to participate in the M12RT MIP will not be prevented, or prejudiced from participating in any subsequent M12RT procurement process.

COVID-19: TfNSW will conduct the M12RT MIP in accordance with Federal and State government COVID-19 policies and procedures. Accordingly, the M12RT MIP will be conducted utilising electronic meeting tools with access codes and/or web links issued to registered and eligible industry partners as appropriate.

To register for participation in the M12RT MIP please review the information included in the attached document ‘M12RT MIP Information for Invitees’.


NSW Regions: Hunter

RFT Type

Invitation To Respond - This is not a tender. The system is being used for invitation for public response to information published on, or accessible through, this website. Examples would include EIS, discussion papers, requests for information, registrations for position appointments, etc.

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

Any entity (including any entities that intend to join together for this project) that wishes to participate in the M12RT MIP must meet the eligibility requirements established by TfNSW which is based on the criteria required for Contractor’s to carry out work of the nature included in the M12RT intended scope. For this process the minimum prequalification levels required are (F100, R3 and B2) OR (F150 and B4) under the National Prequalifications Scheme.

Address for Lodgement

The Registration of Interest form and confidentiality deeds need to be completed and submitted to by the closing date and time.

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