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Sydney Trains & NSW Trains / WS2421402881 48V DC Batteries for Communications Rooms - WS2421402881

RFT ID WS2421402881
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 2-Mar-2021
Closes 29-Mar-2021 5:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
25173900 - Electrical components
Agency Sydney Trains

Contact Person
Brett Nortje
Phone: 0429534213

Tender Details

ST will source suitably compliant Communications DC Power Supplies including rectifier and battery systems. 
The intention of this advertisement is to provide an overview of the procurement activity that Sydney Trains are embarking on to source and better understand the market trends with regard the supply & installation of battery backed 48 Volt DC Power supply equipment in communications rooms to support the Operational Critical Data Network equipment. Sydney Trains has a program in place to:

  • Renew all the Communications DC Power Supplies (rectifiers, batteries) which are reaching their end of life span, to ensure reliability, maintainability, availability of spare parts and compliance with new standards.
  • Replace the existing DC Power Supplies with new power supplies comprising of modular rectifiers, multiple strings of batteries, modular inverters and modular DC-DC converters ensuring reliability and redundancy to the communications network. This procurement strategy describes the method of procurement proposed for this upgrade activity.


NSW Regions: Northern Sydney, Inner West, South East Sydney, South West Sydney, Illawarra

RFT Type

Open Tenders - An invitation to tender by public advertisement with no restriction placed on who may tender. Tenderers will normally be required to demonstrate in their tender that they have the necessary skills, resources, experience, financial capacity, and in some cases licences, accreditations, etc., to fulfil the tender requirements.

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract, or the award details will be advertised elsewhere. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

Additional details/Instructions: (For Ariba tenders only)

In order to gain access to the Request for Tender Documents, Tenderers are required to register their interest by sending an email: and include the following:

1)  Event Title, 2) RFT  ID , 3) Organisation Name, 4) ACN/ ABN, 5) Contact Name, 6) Organisation/Contact Postal Address, 7) Contact Email Address (preferably an email address with the contact person's name), 8) Contact Phone No

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If you have any enquiries in relation to the information above please note that you will first need to register as above, provide information to satisfy any pre-requisites within Ariba.  A duly executed Process and Confidentiality Deed Poll is required to be sent (via Ariba) in order to gain access to the RFT documentation. RFT related questions must be posted on the Ariba message board. Any questions relating to the RFT should not be directed to TSS.Bidder.

Address for Lodgement

N/A There will be no paper tender submissions

Conditions for Participation

Please refer to WS2421402881 Part A Invitation To Tender document noting the Conditions of the Tender process (for the purpose of stating the pre-selection criteria acceptance of terms )

Multi Agency Access