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Copyright in the material which appears at the NSW Tenders website ( is, subject to the operation of the Copyright Act 1968, vested in the Crown in the right of the State of New South Wales.

In keeping with the NSW Government's commitment to encouraging the availability, dissemination and exchange of information (and subject to the operation of the Act), you are welcome to reproduce the material which appears at the NSW Tenders site ( for personal, in-house or non-commercial use, without formal permission or charge.

In the event that you wish to reproduce, alter, store or transmit the material which appears at the NSW Government site for a purpose other than personal, in-house or non-commercial use, you can apply to the NSW office of Procurement - eTendering at the following address for formal permission:

NSW Procurement - eTendering
McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place

E-mail enquiries can be directed to NSW Procurement Service Centre via

Please note that the copyright in the materials appearing at Internet sites which are linked to the NSW Tenders site vests in the author of those materials, or the author's licensee (subject to the operation of the Copyright Act 1968). The NSW Government can not and does not grant any permission or authority in respect of the copyright in the materials appearing at third-party Internet sites, and strongly recommends that you refer to the copyright statements at those sites before making use of the materials.



In relation to the Data the State of NSW disclaims all and any guarantees, undertakings and warranties, express or implied, and the State of NSW and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including incidental or consequential loss or damage) arising out of or in connection with any use of or reliance on the Data on this website.

The State of NSW does not warrant or accept any liability in relation to the quality, operability or accuracy of the Data. While the Data contained in this website has been formulated with all due care and is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the Data. The Data may change without notice and the State of NSW is in no way liable for the accuracy of the information printed or stored by a user. Changes may be made to the Data and the Website at any time and from time to time.

In addition to the Data on this website, links are provided to external Internet sites. These external websites are beyond the control of the State of New South Wales. It is the responsibility of the user to exercise their own skill and care with respect to the accuracy, completeness or currency of, or reliance on any Data sourced from those external websites.

The search engines provided on this website are to assist Internet users to locate resources more quickly. This website also allows registered users to create a profile with specific criteria that enables relevant tender opportunities to be emailed to them on a daily basis. The State of NSW takes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of its search facilities or of its notification emails for new tender opportunities, and does not warrant or represent that these facilities are free from errors or omission, or that they are exhaustive.

The internet is not a secure medium and communications to and from the website may be intercepted or altered in transit. The State of NSW does not warrant or represent that this website or any linked sites, are free from anything which may damage any computer used to access the website.

All persons who provide personal and organisational particulars within the eTendering system hold themselves out to be the proper authorised representative of that organisation in the business of tendering. If that is no longer the case, that person or the organisation will, prior to carrying out any further tendering business in the eTendering system:

  • edit the records on this system to reflect the fact that they no longer represent that organisation; or
  • send a request to have such particulars edited or removed, by email to

The State of NSW will treat any information provided to it by a user in accordance with the eTendering system's Privacy Policy, which should be read in conjunction with these terms of use.

Persons lodging a tender response via the eTendering system should use file formats that are appropriate to that tender; this may be a condition of compliance for tenderers. If the person is unsure, they should contact the named contact officer for that opportunity.

Any account that remains unused for 18 months or more may be removed from the system. Notification emails will be sent one month prior to any removal.

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