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Sydney Water Corporation - WS4271253074 - TIOM & MNW Projects – Request for Expressions of Interest - SWC-WS4271253074

RFT ID SWC-WS4271253074
RFT Type Expression of Interest for Specific Contracts
Published 3-Nov-2023
Closes 17-Nov-2023 2:00pm
Category Infrastructure
Agency Sydney Water Corporation

Contact Person
Hari Subramaniam
Phone: 0410 394 686

Tender Details

Sydney Water is pleased to issue this Expression of Interest to the market. The market plays an important role in delivering Sydney Water’s growth objectives and we welcome your expertise as we embark on the formal procurement process.

Thornleigh Inlet/Outlet Main Project (TIOM):

Thornleigh is located in the Hornsby Shire Local Government Area (LGA) in the northwest of Sydney. The water infrastructure in Thornleigh forms part of the Prospect North water delivery system. A schematic of Prospect North Water System is shown in Figure 1. Water is supplied to Thornleigh Reservoir WS0148 from Prospect Water Filtration Plant via Prospect pump station (WP0239). Water is then gravity fed from WS0148 to WPS WP0159 from where it can be pumped north to Wahroonga, or gravity fed back towards Prospect / Rogans Hill to supply network offtakes. 

The increased demand due to growth will make utilising the existing water quality management cycling pattern increasingly difficult to manage. To address these issues a duplication of an existing DN1800 main is proposed. The primary benefit of the project is to support growth and maintain water quality at Thornleigh Reservoir, increasing system reliability and resilience.

Metro Northwest Project (MNW):

Rouse Hill System has been non-compliant with its wet weather overflow requirement of 12 overflows per 10 years for over 6 years and continued non-compliance creates a risk to SW’s Operating License.  The compliance constraint is related largely to the inability to pass forward adequate flows from network pump stations to the treatment plant due to:

  • inadequate wet weather treatment capacity at the treatment plant.
  • inadequate network pump station capacity and constraints on the capacity of the pipeline transferring flows to the Rouse Hill Water Recycling Plant (WRP).

Wet weather capacity at the plant is currently being upgraded under the Rouse Hill Compliance project.  MNW will relieve the pipeline and pump station constraints and service forecast growth of approx. 22,000 new dwellings by 2026.  MNW works are planned in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 - construction of a single DN1000 rising Main inside a bored tunnel from Pump Station SP1022 to Rouse Hill WRP New Inlet works (approx. 900m), and interim pump station upgrades. 
  • Stage 2 - a second pump station upgrade to increase the capacity to meet wet weather overflow compliance requirements to 2046.

Through this Expressions of Interest (EOI) process, Sydney Water invites Proponents to demonstrate they have the right experience, capability, understanding and commitment to work with Sydney Water as our delivery contractor to deliver the scope, objectives, assets and more.

We are seeking a delivery contractor who has a sound understanding of design development and construction of pipelines, bored tunnels and pump station upgrades.

We look forward to your participation and engagement.


NSW Regions: Cumberland/Prospect, Nepean, Northern Sydney

RFT Type

Expression of Interest for Specific Contracts - An invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for pre-registration of prospective tenderers for a specific work or service. Applicants are initially evaluated against published selection criteria, and those who best meet the required criteria are invited to Tender (as tender type Pre-Qualified/Invited).

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract, or the award details will be advertised elsewhere. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

Sydney Water conducts sourcing activities via SAP Ariba (the Sydney Water Ariba System) which is a third-party digital platform for sourcing and supplier management. To participate in Sydney Water’s sourcing events, interested organisations must complete the supplier self-registration request on the Sydney Water Ariba System via this link:

Completing registration does not immediately grant an organisation access to the Sydney Water Ariba System and the expression of interest documents.

To participate in the procurement process of the Projects, interested organisations are required to:

(a) complete the supplier self-registration request on the Sydney Water Ariba System;

(b) complete and return a correctly executed Confidentiality Deed Poll (CDP); and

(c) provide the contact details (including name, position, organisation, contact number and email address) of a primary contact person and an alternative contact person.

Organisations that have already self-registered on the Sydney Water Ariba System will only be required to complete Item (b) and Item (c) above.

Should an organisation anticipate partnering, as a joint venture, partnership or the like, with other organisations in the procurement process of this Project, each organisation will be required to complete Item (b) above and provide information as requested in Item (c) above for the joint venture or partnership.

Interested organisations must submit the executed CDP and contact details to Sydney Water at Interested organisations should also notify Sydney Water that it has self-registered as a supplier on the Sydney Water Ariba System.

Sydney Water encourages interested organisations to register as soon as possible. Sydney Water anticipates releasing the expression of interest documents to organisations that have successfully registered in this registration process, via the Sydney Water Ariba System, on Monday, 14 November 2023.

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