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AMRF Semiconductor Facility Adviser - WPCA-AMRF2-23-001

RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 21-Dec-2023
Closes 8-Feb-2024 2:00pm
Covered Procurement Yes
Category Advisory consultants
Agency Western Parkland City Authority

Contact Person
Gary Soo
Phone: 02 9228 4067

Tender Details

Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA) is the owner and operator of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) in Bradfield City Centre (Bradfield). 

The AMRF, currently under development, will be a shared-use platform that operates at an industrial scale.  The AMRF will enable its customers to develop manufacturing capability and easily transfer that capability to real-world production. It will play an important role in accelerating the adoption of advanced technology for manufacturers in Western Sydney and NSW and activating the local manufacturing ecosystem. 

The first stage of the AMRF (AMRF First Facility) will include advanced mechanical-based manufacturing capabilities to support a range of applications and demonstrate enhanced productivity and quality in manufacturing systems – construction is currently underway, and the building is scheduled for completion in Q3 2024. 

The second stage of the AMRF (AMRF Facility 2) is scheduled to open late 2026 in a separate, purpose-built facility. It will focus on advanced semiconductor and electronics manufacturing to address capability needs in industries such as defence and aerospace, as well as catalysing growth of emerging electronics industries. 

AMRF Facility 2 aims to establish a competitive edge in the global semiconductor ecosystem through the manufacture of low volume, high value advanced packaging for semiconductors at development and pilot scale using equipment and technologies for commercial production.  It will leverage Bradfield’s focus on advanced manufacturing and high-tech focus industries to become a trusted supplier of semiconductor-related technology. 

AMRF Facility 2 is currently being planned, with building, cleanroom services, and initial process capabilities in the design phase. These design plans will be provided to the adviser to inform the work. 

WPCA is conducting a competitive tender process to engage an adviser (Adviser) to provide advice on two main areas:

• Semiconductor process capabilities to be offered by the AMRF;

• Design requirements to deliver those capabilities, including cleanroom spaces, services, equipment, and process flows.

The attached tender documents describe the services required and set out the conditions of tendering.  Your firm’s proposal is to be lodged as two sperate files, Price and Non-Price, you should ensure they are not submitted as a single document.  Your proposal must be lodged prior to the closing time, of Thursday 25 January 2024  at 2:00pm AEDT . Any tenders submitted after the close of tenders will be assessed as a late tender. You should note that Western Parkland City Authority may issue an addendum to the invitation documents prior to the close of tenders. It is your firm’s responsibility to ensure that it submits and lodges a compliant tender response.  Should you require any clarification on any aspect of the invitation documents or tender process, you should contact Western Parkland City Authority Procurement at   We are unable due to issues of probity to discuss these issues with you verbally. Confidentiality:  You should note that any individual(s) proposed as a resource in you firm’s proposal must complete and sign the Confidentiality Deed Poll (provided as a Word document) and this duly executed document must be lodged as part of your submission. Code of Ethics and Conduct:  A copy of the Authority’s Code of Ethics and Conduct for Procurement activities is included as part of the tender documents.  It is a contractual responsibility placed on all Suppliers to provide a copy of this document to any individual engaged in delivering the Services.  A central issue in the Authority’s code of conduct is the mitigation of any actual, perceived, or potential conflict of interests which may arise when a person engaged in delivering the Services is confronted with issues that that cause a conflict between that person’s public duties and their personal or private interests.  It is incumbent upon any individual engaged on any Western Parkland City Authority contract to disclose to the Authority any conflicts of interest as soon as practicable after the situation reasonably comes to their attention.  Any and all such conflicts of interests must be advised to Western Parkland City Authority ( ) Western Parkland City Authority looks forward to reviewing your firm’s proposal.


NSW Regions: Cumberland/Prospect, Nepean, South West Sydney

RFT Type

Open Tenders - An invitation to tender by public advertisement with no restriction placed on who may tender. Tenderers will normally be required to demonstrate in their tender that they have the necessary skills, resources, experience, financial capacity, and in some cases licences, accreditations, etc., to fulfil the tender requirements.

Additional Details / Instructions

As outlined in Part C section 6, Response Requirements include:

  • Organisational experience and capability, including examples (Word)
  • Outline of key considerations in preparing the High-level Report and Full Report and performing other duties – see section 5 Scope of Work (Word)
  • Indicative project plan with details on deliverables, and timing/resource allocation.  The plan should clearly identify the engagement activities (e.g. kick-off and milestone review meetings) and deliverables to be achieved (Excel or MS Project file)
  • Proposed Pricing Schedule (see excel file titled WPCA-AMRF2-23-001 Pricing Schedule) outlining the pricing of key deliverables, hourly rates of the nominated resources, proposed payment plan, and disbursements (if any)

Additionally, Respondents must submit and complete:


  • Part C - Vendor Response Form in Word or pdf format
  • Confidentiality Deed Poll in Word or pdf format

Address for Lodgement

All submissions must be uploaded electronically via NSW eTendering by the closing date and time.

Covered Procurement Details

  • The Procurement (Enforceable Procurement Provisions) Direction 2019 applies to this procurement
  • A government agency may conduct negotiations with suppliers regarding the procurement

Conditions for Participation

All Tender documents to be reviewed and electronic lodgement of responses on eTendering by the closing date and time.

Only electronic submissions accepted.

Multi Agency Access