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Market Sounding ONG Ticket Machine Advertising - CAT-MS080324HC

RFT Type Invitation To Respond
Published 6-Mar-2024
Closes 12-Apr-2024 5:00pm
Category Advertising
Agency Transport NSW - Corporate

Contact Person
Heidy Cerpa
Phone: 133148

Tender Details

The Department of Transport NSW, known as Transport for NSW (TfNSW), serves as the governing body for public transport services across New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Its scope encompasses extensive services, including rail, bus networks, road and maritime transport, ferry operations, and integrated transport solutions.

In NSW, commuters rely on the versatile Opal Card, a prepaid travel card that allows for easy top?ups and swift access to various modes of transportation. Alongside this, contactless payments via debit or credit cards have further streamlined the travel experience.

Access to convenient method to enable the recharge “top off” of Opal cards is offered to our passengers via app also, across 303 machines conveniently located in ferries, rail and train stations including the international airport. Available to all commuters but especially for those who prefer to interact with the machine due to variety of payment options also, these machines cater for international commuters as well as individuals without smartphones capabilities where recharge transactions happen 100% using Opal Ticket Machines.

Market sounding relating to advertising digital screens on Opal ticket machine on the Transport network, including unpaid area of Train stations, Ferry wharves, Bus Interchanges and Light Rail stops.

This Market Sounding initiative is focused explicitly on explore the interest from suppliers to use the Opal ticket Machine digital screen as a channel for commercial advertising messages to increase their capability to reach a broader audience.   As a subsequent step in this market sounding, there may be further opportunities for discussions regarding your expertise applying digital advertising on similar machine devices and your ability to bring to sales advertising in similar screens spaces and offer a competitive commercial revenue model to Transport NSW.

Participants are encouraged to express their interest in participating by emailing the designated Supplier Registration Form and Information Sheet. A copy is provided in Attachment A - Supplier Registration Form and a separate attachment for Supplier information Sheet ONG Ticket Machine Advertising both are equally required to be completed by participant. Submissions should be sent to no later than 5:00 PM AEST on March 19th, 2024.  

Statement of Requirements

Please refer to Attachment B - Statement of Requirements for comprehensive exploration criteria regarding ONG Ticket Machine Advertising on digital screens.

Instructions for Submission Template

Please refer to Attachment C - Submission Template. We would ask that you:

1. Adhere to the Provided Structure: While you are encouraged to expand on the example content headings, kindly ensure that the general structure outlined in the template is followed.

2. Limit Use of Videos: Videos should be used sparingly and only when necessary to demonstrate a specific product or procedure.

3. Concise Company Overview: When detailing your company history and broader capabilities, please limit it to a maximum of 2 slides to keep the focus on the specific details relevant to this engagement.

4. Comprehensive and Clear Responses: Provide responses that are clear, concise, and comprehensive, ensuring that they address the specific points outlined in the template.

5. Maintain Confidentiality: Emphasises the importance of maintaining confidentiality throughout the market sounding process. Participants should be reminded not to share any sensitive information with third parties.

6. Submission Deadline: All completed templates must be submitted by the specified deadline of 5:00 PM AEST on April 12nd, 2024.

Your adherence to these instructions will greatly assist us in evaluating submissions effectively. Should you have any queries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to


NSW Regions: Far North Coast, Mid North Coast, New England, Central Coast, Hunter, Cumberland/Prospect, Nepean, Northern Sydney, Inner West, South East Sydney, South West Sydney, Central West, Orana/Far West, Riverina/Murray, Illawarra, Southern Highlands

RFT Type

Invitation To Respond - This is not a tender. The system is being used for invitation for public response to information published on, or accessible through, this website. Examples would include EIS, discussion papers, requests for information, registrations for position appointments, etc.

Additional Details / Instructions

As a subsequent step in this market sounding, there may be further opportunities for discussions regarding your expertise in these specialized on digital screen Ticket Machine Advertising. Your insights and expertise are highly valuable to us as we explore opportunities in this sector. While we highly value all submissions, Transport for NSW may not extend invitations for discussions with every vendor.

If Invitation is extended, confirmation will be extended via email, and you will be giving two (2) optional dates to confirm one by the same way.

Reschedule meetings will be subject to our discretion, we appreciate participants efforts to accommodate their time within the two (2) options.

We appreciate attendance confirmation within a week.

Address for Lodgement

Hard copies of submissions are not required however, is the preference is to send submissions by this way or in addition to your electronic response, please send all mail to:

Level 8, 231 Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Attn: Heidy Cerpa

Commercial Procurement Transformation

Conditions for Participation

Complete and sign off Registration form provided before the end of the advertising period and return to:

Estimated Timeframe for Delivery

16 to 19 weeks (total from advertising until MS outcome report)

Multi Agency Access