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Sydney Water Corporation - Silt and Debris Services – Request for Information - SWC-WS3520950018-Silt and Debris Services - RFI

RFT ID SWC-WS3520950018-Silt and Debris Services - RFI
RFT Type Expression of Interest For Pre-Qualification
Published 16-Nov-2022
Closes 25-Nov-2022 5:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
76000000 - Industrial Cleaning Services
Agency Sydney Water Corporation

Contact Person
Delu Fernando
Phone: 0288496900

Tender Details

As Australia’s largest water utility, we have an obligation to improve the lives of our customers, communities and environment. We are working towards ensuring that no one is exploited in the provision of goods and services to or on behalf of Sydney Water; that we operate as a sustainable business; and continue to work with of our First Nations peoples to protect water and land; and to address inequalities.

From a procurement perspective this means:

•Eliminating the risk of Modern Slavery in our supply chain

•Becoming a Supply Nation member to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supplier diversity

•Not harming the environment by sourcing recycled, reused or sustainable goods and services 

We want to do business with people who share our values. When submitting your tender application please provide an overview of your enterprise’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

The purpose of Procurement at Sydney Water is to get the goods, services and facilities it needs, when it needs them and for the right cost. Procurement is a key enabler and contributor to the success of our strategic objectives and fulfilling our vision to create a better life through world-class water services. As our customers reply on us for reliable, high quality services at affordable prices, we partner with an extensive range of suppliers to help us create thriving, liveable and sustainable cities. It’s crucial that we undertake procurement activities ethically and equitably to ensure that the best commercial outcomes are achieved in line with our organisational values and statutory obligations



Request for Information for Silt and Debris Removal –Stormwater Assets, Wastewater Assets and Wastewater Support Services  

Sydney Water is seeking to understand market capability for Silt and Debris removal services and Wastewater emergency response, as outlined below. 

Sydney Water uses contractors for the provision of services for Silt and Debris removal for its wastewater and stormwater assets. Silt and Debris is any solid material accumulated in a conduit or collection facility for example grit pits, pumping station wet wells, Stormwater channels & Stormwater Quality improvement devices (SQID’s).

Sydney Water also uses contractors for the provision of services for specialist wastewater response services, available 24/7 to respond to asset breakdowns and clearing of chokes and blockages, and specialist wastewater support crews to carry out both reactive choke clearing and packages of planned root cutting and silt removal.

The scope of work is divided into three main parts as detailed below.

Note: Confined space entry will be required for some of the below mentioned activities.

1. Silt and Debris removal from Stormwater Assets.

There are about 71 SQID’s, 7 floating litter booms and around 450 kilometres of pipes and channels in Sydney Water’s area of Operations. The scope of work includes, but not limited to:

-Inspecting SQID’s and known problem areas (at programmed frequencies) to determine silt and debris levels.

-Remove and transport and dispose of silt and debris from SQIDs and floating litter booms as required

-Silt and debris removal from open stormwater channels, including transport to a licensed facility nominated by Sydney Water, for disposal/recycling of waste removed

Equipment currently used to undertake stormwater works include:

-Vacuum trucks

-Tipper truck and dogs

-Soft tyre loaders and bobcats

-Long reach excavators

-Hi-ab crane trucks (clamshells) 

-Hook trucks and vacuum bins

-Oil absorbent booms

-Hand tools 

2. Silt and Debris removal form Wastewater Network Assets

There are about 700 sewer pumping stations, and grit pits, and about 27,000 kilo meters of wastewater (sewer) pipes and trunk mains that connect to the 29 wastewater treatment plants in Sydney Water’s area of operations and the scope of work includes, but not limited to:

-Silt and Debris removal from grit pits at programmed frequencies -varying from weekly to annually

-Silt and Debris removal from sewer pumping stations on both a programmed and reactive basis 

-Dredging of approximately 20-30kms of wastewater pipes to remove silt and fats, oils and grease ranging in size and shape (circular, oviform and box sections) from 150mm to 1800mm in diameter 

-Transport to licensed disposal facility nominated by Sydney Water from all the above activities

-Pigging of 20km of 750mm diameter pipe annually and other smaller pipes as required

Equipment currently used comprises:

-Vacuum trucks

-Recycling vacuum truck

-Hook trucks and bins

-Pumps and hoses

-Hi-ab crane truck (clam shell)

-Tipper truck and trailers  

3. Wastewater support Services (including after hours and emergency response services)

Provide a 24/7 response service to assist operational areas of Sydney Water with breakdowns, asset failures and system blockages including, but not limited to:

-Tankering and vacuuming of wastewater from pumping stations, and other wastewater assets 

-Jetter crews up to 7 days a week attending reactive choke clearing and clearing of sewer blockages for Regional Operations and Maintenance (3 jetters)

-Preventative program jetter crews (generally Monday to Friday) to jet, root cut and CCTV wastewater reticulation assets (9 jetters)

-Other suitable work as directed, including provision of specialist equipment to assist with wastewater overflow clean-ups, silt removal from manholes and other structures

-Silt removal and dredging from 150mm and 225mm sewer pipes 

-Programmed sludge tankering between some wastewater treatment plants

Equipment currently used to undertake this work includes:


-Vacuum trucks

-Jetters with Root cutting and push rod CCTV capability

-Pumps and hoses

-Silt booms 

-Hiab crane truck (clamshell) 

To provide the required information, please complete the form: 

by clicking on the link or copying & pasting the link in your web browser. Questions may be directed to the e-mail address indicated - no phone calls will be accepted  


NSW Regions: Cumberland/Prospect, Nepean, Northern Sydney, Inner West, South East Sydney, South West Sydney, Illawarra

RFT Type

Expression of Interest For Pre-Qualification - An invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for pre-registration of prospective tenderers for a type of work or service. Applicants are initially evaluated against published selection criteria. RFT may then be invited from a panel of providers (as Selective, or Invited).

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract, or the award details will be advertised elsewhere. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

To provide the required information, please complete the form : by clicking on the link or copying & pasting the link in your web browser. Questions may be directed to the e-mail address indicated - no phone calls will be accepted

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