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Malabar System Investment Program - Fairfield WRRF and LAP Works - Registration of Interest - SWC-WS4212105406

RFT ID SWC-WS4212105406
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 26-Sep-2023
Closes 13-Oct-2023 2:00pm
Category Infrastructure
Agency Sydney Water Corporation

Contact Person
Edward Lai
Phone: 0438 438 849

Tender Details

As Australia’s largest water utility, we have an obligation to improve the lives of our customers, communities and environment. We are working towards ensuring that no one is exploited in the provision of goods and services to or on behalf of Sydney Water; that we operate as a sustainable business; and continue to work with of our First Nations peoples to protect water and land; and to address inequalities. 

From a procurement perspective this means: 

  • Eliminating the risk of Modern Slavery in our supply chain;
  • Becoming a Supply Nation member to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supplier diversity; and
  • Not harming the environment by sourcing recycled, reused or sustainable goods and services.

We want to do business with people who share our values. When submitting your tender application please provide an overview of your enterprise’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. 

The purpose of Procurement at Sydney Water is to get the goods, services and facilities it needs, when it needs them and for the right cost. Procurement is a key enabler and contributor to the success of our strategic objectives and fulfilling our vision to create a better life through world-class water services. As our customers reply on us for reliable, high quality services at affordable prices, we partner with an extensive range of suppliers to help us create thriving, liveable and sustainable cities. It’s crucial that we undertake procurement activities ethically and equitably to ensure that the best commercial outcomes are achieved in line with our organisational values and statutory obligations.

Sydney Water has developed the Malabar System Investment Program (MSIP), which aims to address wastewater servicing in the Malabar Wastewater System (Malabar System). It consists of an integrated approach for a system-wide solution for long-term growth servicing and system compliance to building resilience, liveability and suitability for Sydney and enabling a more circular economy. 

The MSIP has been planning for the critical “near-term” needs of the Malabar System to address the population growth in the Malabar catchment, environmental compliance and network capacity in the North Georges Rivers Submain (NGRS). 

Sydney Water has established the Fairfield Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and Liverpool-Ashfield Pipeline (LAP) Works (the Project), which will deliver the MSIP “Near-Term” Works P3 (Fairfield WRRF Upgrades) and P4b (SPS1151 and LAP Refurbishment and New AquaNet Pipeline) as a single main works package. 

The Project includes: 

  • Upgrading the Fairfield WRRF to meet Environment Protection Licences compliance by reducing odour and frequency of wet weather overflow; 
  • Installing new screens and grit dewatering equipment, including spill sump tanks and associated pipework at the Fairfield WRRF; 
  • Replacing or upgrading equipment, electrical switchboards and transformers at the Fairfield WRRF; 
  • Civil structural works for new equipment fit-out and new water pipework; 
  • Civil roadworks for widening an approximately 80m road at the Fairfield site; 
  • Installing new odour control units, including concrete base slabs, support structures for ducting, access platforms and electrical supply; 
  • Refurbishing or replacing the existing SPS1151 pumps at Fairfield to allow flow diversion from the NGRS to the LAP and improve productivity in the NGRS desilting and rehabilitation program; 
  • Installing new odour control units, including concrete base slabs, support structures for ducting, access platforms and electrical supply; 
  • Concrete rehabilitation and recoating works for the balance tank at the Fairfield site; and 
  • Construction of a new DN600 pipe connected to the LAP at Sherwin Park with the alignment via the Fairfield WRRF, then into the local road network and connecting into the AquaNet Recycled Water Plant. 

Sydney Water has provided an Advanced Notice of Procurement Memorandum with additional information intended to enable market procurement readiness and allow potential organisations to undertake teaming arrangements, assemble resources, assess risks and devise their best plans for responding to this opportunity. 

Sydney Water is inviting suitably experienced and qualified organisations to register their interest in participating in the procurement process for the design and construction of the Project. The market plays an important role in delivering Sydney Water’s growth, and we welcome your expertise as we embark on the formal procurement process. 


NSW Regions: South West Sydney

RFT Type

Open Tenders - An invitation to tender by public advertisement with no restriction placed on who may tender. Tenderers will normally be required to demonstrate in their tender that they have the necessary skills, resources, experience, financial capacity, and in some cases licences, accreditations, etc., to fulfil the tender requirements.

Additional Details / Instructions

Sydney Water conducts sourcing activities via SAP Ariba (the Sydney Water Ariba System) which is a third-party digital platform for sourcing and supplier management. To participate in Sydney Water’s sourcing events, interested organisations must complete the supplier self-registration request on the Sydney Water Ariba System via this link: 
Completing registration does not immediately grant an organisation access to the Sydney Water Ariba System and the expression of interest documents. 
To participate in the procurement process of this Project, interested organisations are required to: 
 (a) complete the supplier self-registration request on the Sydney Water Ariba System; 
 (b) complete and return a correctly executed Confidentiality Deed Poll (CDP); and
 (c) provide the contact details (including name, position, organisation, contact number and email address) of a primary contact person and an alternative contact person. 
Organisations that have already self-registered on the Sydney Water Ariba System will only be required to complete Item (b) and Item (c) above. 
Should an organisation anticipate partnering, as a joint venture, partnership or the like, with other organisations in the procurement process of this Project, each organisation will be required to complete Item (b) above and provide information as requested in Item (c) above for the joint venture or partnership. 
Interested organisations must submit the executed CDP and contact details to Sydney Water at Interested organisations should also notify Sydney Water that it has self-registered as a supplier on the Sydney Water Ariba System. 
Sydney Water will not accept registrations after 2:00pm AEDT on Friday, 13 October 2023. Sydney Water may determine, in its absolute discretion, that it is appropriate to consider a late registration request. 
Sydney Water anticipates releasing the expression of interest documents to organisations that have successfully registered in this registration process, via the Sydney Water Ariba System, in the week commencing on Monday, 9 October 2023.

Multi Agency Access