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Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme Asset Maintenance Program 2024-2025 - RFT-10063931

RFT ID RFT-10063931
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 11-Dec-2023
Closes 6-Feb-2024 9:30am
Category Engineering and Technical
Agency NSW Public Works

Contact Person
Ananada Kumarasinghe
Phone: 0411748608

Tender Details

To carry out DPE’s current maintenance program for HVFM assets consisting of preventative and reactive maintenance works for lower Hunter (areas 1 to 14) & Upper Hunter (Area 15) works to ensure that the integrity of the HVFM scheme is not compromised.

The program comprises 3 packages based on associated funding streams.

1. Lower Hunter flood mitigation scheme, maintenance of the HVFMS, comprising condition assessment, cyclical preventative maintenance, and re-active maintenance works.

2. Lower Hunter Pipe Repairs are treated as a separate program of works. There are approximately 400 pipes in the scheme. The program comprises inspection and condition assessment using CCTV, risk rating / prioritising repairs, and undertaking repairs. Which may involve dewatering, jet cleaning, pipe re-lining and pipe end repairs with the use of either mortar or epoxy. Detailed description of Lower Hunter maintenance works is provided in Technical Specifications – Lower Hunter Works

3. The Upper Hunter (Area 15) works – repairing, decommissioning, making safe and riverbank restoration of old river works sites that have failed and pose a risk to public safety, environment or infrastructure. Upper Hunter maintenance works are undertaken by DPE (HVFMS) in collaboration with Local Land Service (LLS). This includes but is not limited to works such as construction of soft engineering structures (e.g.: re-vegetation, large woody debris structures). Detailed description of Upper Hunter maintenance works is provided in Technical Specifications – Upper Hunter Works.


NSW Regions: Hunter

RFT Type

Open Tenders - An invitation to tender by public advertisement with no restriction placed on who may tender. Tenderers will normally be required to demonstrate in their tender that they have the necessary skills, resources, experience, financial capacity, and in some cases licences, accreditations, etc., to fulfil the tender requirements.

Additional Details / Instructions

Notes to Participating Entities: -

MEETING- A mandatory pre-tender meeting is proposed for Monday 18th December 2023 at 10:00 AM. The meeting will be held at the Car park across the road from: Riverhouse Cafe, 1 Hunter St, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324. 

Refer to "Conditions for Participation"

Special Note: Tenderers may submit a tender for the whole of the works or individual packages.

Separate contracts may be awarded for specific tender packages or a combination of tender packages to different tenderers as follows: 

(i)    Package 1 - Lower Hunter Maintenance (Areas 1-14) includes Lower Hunter Preventative & Reactive Maintenance Works and Works to be completed under call out rates for Flood Emergency Response

(ii)   Package 2 - Pipe Repair Program (Areas 1-14)

(iii)  Package 3 - Upper Hunter Program (Area 15)

Works to be completed under each package is described in Tender Schedules 2, 3, 4 and 5.

This is a Two-Envelope tender. The tender schedules are marked as Envelope 1 Non-Price and Envelope 2 Price. Please submit as two separate files when you lodge your response. The files can be zipped together to be submitted.
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Lodging a Response
Click on the blue RESPOND link at the bottom of this page to submit your electronic tender response. 
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Address for Lodgement

*Electronic Submissions ONLY via NSW Government etendering website:

Conditions for Participation

MEETING- A mandatory pre-tender meeting is proposed for Monday 18th December 2023 at 10:00 AM. The meeting will be held at the Car park across the road from: Riverhouse Cafe, 1 Hunter St, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324.

It is mandatory for a representative from your entity to attend this meeting.

Estimated Timeframe for Delivery

52 weeks

Multi Agency Access