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Scheme ID SCM8821
Starts 1-Apr-2020
Ends 31-Dec-2020
RFT Publish Date 1-Apr-2020
RFT Close Date & Time
21-Jul-2020 12:00pm
ABN Required No
RFT Type Scheme Invitation
Agency NSW Procurement
Category Healthcare Services

Contact Person
Phone: 1800 679 289

Scheme Details

The NSW Government received nearly 2000 responses to the Premier’s call for local manufacturers to supply PPE to address our whole-of-government needs. We’re confident we have now secured adequate stocks of PPE to meet our medium-term needs.  Intake on the portal has now closed.

The information displayed below is a read-only version of the application process.

Vendor Instruction

If you have the ability to supply any of the products or services below please register using the START APPLICATION button

Prequalification Types

COVID-19 Emergency Suppliers


Terms and Conditions


The Applicant must identify its areas of substantial expertise by nominating the categories in which it is seeking prequalification.

1. Critical Supplies
  • 01. Hand sanitiser
    We are seeking hand sanitiser produced in Australia including Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved hand sanitiser.
  • 02. Examination gloves
    Australia requires manufacturers of examination and surgical gloves. We are seeking Australian based manufacturers to set up production to support NSW
  • 03. Disinfectant and cleaning products
    We are seeking Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved disinfectant wipes produced in Australia.
  • 04. Handwash and soap
    We are seeking standard and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved handwash produced in Australia.
  • 05. Masks
    We are seeking Australian based manufacturers with the ability to set up production of a range of surgical masks to support NSW.
  • 06. Eyewear
    We are seeking Australian manufacturers of plastic products and related fields to support production of protective eyewear and face shields.
  • 07. Gowns and protective overalls
    We are appealing for Australian based manufacturers with the capacity to produce surgical and isolation gowns to support NSW.
  • 08. Paper products, including toilet and tissue paper
    To meet the higher than normal demand for paper products, NSW is appealing to Australian-based manufacturers to support increased production.
2. Other
  • 09. Associated materials

COVID-19 Emergency Suppliers Questionnaire

The Applicant must answer the following questions based on the prequalification type they are applying for

Type of Registrant

Where is your primary business located? *
Are you currently; *
Raw materials or other capability

If you can provide the raw materials required to produce critical supplies or you selected OTHER please give a short description of your capability.

Response Type: Free Text
Modify existing production process *

If you are able to re-tool your existing manufacturing process to make critical supplies indicate how long the modification process would take.

Products for Supply

Which products can you supply? (Please select all that apply) *
Do you have available stock? *
If so, what is the quantity of each product? *

(E.g. 1,000,000 units or 500,000 Litres)

Response Type: Free Text
If you have stock available, where is it warehoused?
If the stock is stored overseas, how long will it take to have it landed in Australia

Specifications and Registrations

For most of the products sought, specifications have been issued by the government  (see scheme documents). 

Do you have documentation proving you meet the specifications? *
Please upload your product data sheets applying to all relevant products that you seek to supply to verify they meet the specifications.
Response Type: Upload
Are your products registered with the ARTG? *

if you are supplying a product that makes therapeutic claims or is intended for use in a clinical setting the product needs to be registered Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). 

Please upload the TGA product approval for every product you can supply
Response Type: Upload
Is your company an approved Australian-based agent/sponsor (supplier) registered with the TGA? *

If you are a supplier of PPE that makes therapeutic claims or is intended for use in a clinical setting your company also needs to be registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Please upload your company's registration as a supplier with the TGA.
Response Type: Upload

Amendment History

  1. 6-Apr-2020 3:11pm




    Thank you for your registration saying you have capacity to provide critical supplies, raw materials or manufacturing capability to produce critical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis (SCM8821). We have been overwhelmed by the interest and our teams are working through the enquiries now. We aim to be in touch with you soon.