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Closed Tender List

NSW Government tenders are listed here for 30 days after closing, after which they are moved to archived tenders.

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Transport NSW - Corporate

Digital Advertising – Infrastructure Hoardings

Transport for NSW is seeking information from respondents to help understand the complexities and capability of delivering a new concept for road facing (and other audiences) digital advertising on Transport for NSW infrastructure projects utilising safety hoardings at high value locations.

RFT ID TfNSW 2024/001
RFT Type Invitation To Respond
Published 5-Feb-2024
Closes 26-Feb-2024 12:00pm
Digital communications
Agency Transport NSW - Corporate
Last Updated: 5-Feb-2024 11:22am

NSW Police Force

Catering Services for Individual Meal Packs & Buffet Catering

This Request for Tender ( RFT ) is issued by NSW Police Force ( NSWPF ) to select suitable Suppliers for the provision of Catering Services, specifically Individual Meal Packs & Buffet Catering for the Major Events Group ( MEG ) in the Sydney Metropolitan region.

RFT ID YR-2023-0072
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 19-Jan-2024
Closes 26-Feb-2024 10:00am
Catering services
Agency NSW Police Force
Last Updated: 2-Feb-2024 12:52pm

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Servicing and Maintenance - Tagged Shark Listening Stations - 2024 and 2025

"To ensure the continued operation and function of the real-time tagged shark alert network, the Tagged Shark Listening Station (TSLS) buoys require annual checks and servicing of the mooring equipment and cleaning of the buoy and sub-frame from heavy marine fouling and corrosion. We wish to contract suitably qualified, experienced and equipped providers to service and maintain the 37 TSLS which are located along the NSW coast."

RFT ID P23-6471
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 30-Jan-2024
Closes 26-Feb-2024 10:00am
Agency NSW Department of Primary Industries
Last Updated: 30-Jan-2024 3:32pm

Management, Operation, Maintenance and Support Services of NSW RFS Owned Aircraft fleet

Management, Operation, Maintenance and Support Services of NSW RFS Owned Aircraft fleet

RFT ID RFS-RFT 2024-284
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 12-Jan-2024
Closes 23-Feb-2024 10:00am
Covered Procurement Yes
Agency NSW Rural Fire Service
Last Updated: 21-Feb-2024 3:54pm

Greater Sydney Parklands, Parklands West Maintenance Contract Notice

Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) advises of an upcoming tender in the first quarter of 2024 for parklands maintenance. The contract services will include landscape, structures and park and visitor facilities maintenance across Parramatta Park, Western Sydney Parklands and Fernhill Estate. Maintenance contractors with relevant experience, suitable skills and capability to deliver the varied maintenance services are encouraged to apply. 

RFT ID SR4161141326N
RFT Type Notice
Published 2-Feb-2024
Closes 23-Feb-2024 9:00am
Facility maintenance
Agency Western Sydney Parklands Trust
Last Updated: 22-Feb-2024 12:08pm

RFT ID RFT-10064631
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 11-Jan-2024
Closes 22-Feb-2024 5:00pm
Covered Procurement Yes
Information and technology
Agency Legal Aid NSW
Last Updated: 16-Feb-2024 3:55pm

Hawkesbury City Council

Panel for Minor Works Roads, Drainage & Miscellaneous Works

Panel for Minor Works Roads, Drainage & Miscellaneous Works

RFT ID T00172
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 16-Jan-2024
Closes 22-Feb-2024 3:00pm
Agency Hawkesbury City Council
Last Updated: 20-Feb-2024 3:31pm

Acoustic Consultant Services for Live Music Venue Assessments

Sound NSW is procuring multiple acoustic consultants to provide live music venues, who successfully apply for a Soundproofing Grant, with an acoustic assessment. In addition to these assessments, consultants would provide reporting to Sound NSW outlining overall feedback on noise mitigation challenges for the live music venued assessed.

RFT ID RFT-10065431
RFT Type Selective Tenders
Published 8-Feb-2024
Closes 22-Feb-2024 12:00pm
Specialised service
Agency CreateNSW
Last Updated: 15-Feb-2024 4:32pm

Tender for fauna reintroduction partnership for the DEOH restoration program on behalf of Greater Sydney Local Land Services, NSW

"GS LLS are leading a large-scale ecological restoration program at the Defence Establishment Orchard Hills ('DEOH'). Restoration activities include a multi-species fauna reintroduction program which aims to restore locally extinct native fauna to the site for their cultural, ecological and scientific values.  This Request for Tender P23-5020 seeks submissions from tenderers to supply to the Principal specialist services around the reintroduction of native fauna."

RFT ID P23-5020
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 11-Dec-2023
Closes 22-Feb-2024 10:00am
Professional Services (excl Consultancies)
Agency Local Land Services
Last Updated: 13-Feb-2024 12:22pm

DRG Repairs - Package 5

Package 5 - 39 Union Street, Coraki.

RFT ID RFT-10064681
RFT Type Pre-Qualified / Invited
Published 8-Feb-2024
Closes 22-Feb-2024 9:30am
Agency NSW Public Works
Last Updated: 16-Feb-2024 2:59pm

Blue Mountains City Council

Katoomba Grandstand Structural Repairs

Katoomba Grandstand Structural Repairs. Enquiries related to this Request for Quote must be made in writing to Marcus Beer on e-mail

RFT ID 2023/24-509101
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 30-Jan-2024
Closes 21-Feb-2024 2:00pm
Building and Property
Agency Blue Mountains City Council
Last Updated: 30-Jan-2024 1:14pm

Design Of Corporate Wardrobe

SNSW are seeking proposals for a redesign of the Service NSW corporate wardrobe range to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 16-Jan-2024
Closes 21-Feb-2024 12:00pm
Office supplies
Agency Service NSW
Last Updated: 19-Feb-2024 10:20am

HealthShare NSW

Accommodation and Associated Services for Paramedics Training Programs

NSW Ambulance (NSWA) is seeking submissions from suitable suppliers for the provision of accommodation and associated services for paramedics / staff attending training at the State Operations Centre located at Sydney Olympic Park. 

RFT ID NSWA_2022_61
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 25-Jan-2024
Closes 20-Feb-2024 5:00pm
Agency HealthShare NSW
Last Updated: 12-Feb-2024 11:56am

Canterbury-Bankstown Council

Bennett Park Playground and Exercise Equipment Upgrade

Council is seeking tenders from suitably qualified and experienced Tenderers for Bennett Park Playground Upgrade T20-24.   A full description of the nature and extent of the services required by Council are set out in Section 3 of this Request. Note: Electronic submission must be lodged via the online questionnaire in 360. Email submissions are not acceptable

RFT ID T20-24
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 16-Jan-2024
Closes 20-Feb-2024 2:30pm
Playgrounds and gyms
Agency Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Last Updated: 16-Feb-2024 10:59am

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Supply and commissioning of new Irrigation Pump Stations at Sydney Olympic Park

Supply and commissioning of new Irrigation Pump Stations at Sydney Olympic Park   

RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 8-Jan-2024
Closes 20-Feb-2024 2:00pm
Engineering and Technical
Agency Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Last Updated: 2-Feb-2024 9:43am

Showing 31 - 45 of 119 records