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Transport for NSW (Transport Infrastructure Projects) / Macquarie Park Bus Depot – Expression of Interest (EOI) - 23.0000138287.1750.EOI

RFT ID 23.0000138287.1750.EOI
RFT Type Expression of Interest For Pre-Qualification
Published 7-Feb-2024
Closes 26-Mar-2024 2:00pm
Category Construction
Agency Transport for NSW (Transport Infrastructure Projects)

Contact Person
Siddharth Devineni / Tom Pearce
Phone: 0400 396 173 / 0409 567 060

Tender Details

Zero Emission Buses Transition

The ZEB program is a multi-billion-dollar program to transition the states 8,000+ diesel and natural gas public transport buses to zero emissions technology. This transition delivers on NSW Governments commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and to provide more comfortable journeys and liveable places for our passengers and communities.

Under the ZEB Transition Plan, the transition will be complete in Greater Sydney by 2035, with the first stage delivered across six Greater Sydney contract regions, which include approximately 1,200 ZEBs, modifications to 11 existing depots and a new bus depot at Macquarie Park incorporating new battery charging infrastructure.

The Project

The Project will be located at a site at Talavera Road, Macquarie Park and will deliver the first custom-built battery electric bus depot built in NSW as part of the ZEB program.

The civil works required to be undertaken for the Project will include the design and construction of:

• relocation of utilities;

• upgrade entry roads;

• retaining walls;

• earthworks;

• stormwater drainage; and

• pavements.

The design and construction of the depot and associated electrical works for the Project will include:

• approximately 165 ZEB capacity depot including charging, maintenance and wash bays;

• a multilevel staff and administration building to support operations and management;

• below-ground single storey staff car parking; and

• fire and stormwater facilities and charging infrastructure.

The EOI Invitation

The EOI Invitation provides:

• an overview of the Project’s scope and commercial framework, which will be delivered under a design and construct contract appropriately tailored for the Project;

• an outline of the procurement process for the Project, including its terms and conditions; and

• details of the information required from applicants in their EOIs and the EOI submission and evaluation process that will be adopted.

The indicative timeframe for the procurement process is set out below.


Indicative dates

EOI Invitation release

7 February 2024

EOI Briefing

11.30am (local Sydney time) on 20 February 2024

Date for submission of Entry Requirement Responses

2.00pm (local Sydney time) on 19 March 2024

EOI Closing Time and Date

2.00pm (local Sydney time) on 26 March 2024

RFT release

Q2 2024 (calendar year)

Proposed due date for submission of Tenders

12 weeks following RFT release

Contract award

Q4 2024 (calendar year)

TfNSW proposes to shortlist a maximum of three applicants based on the submitted EOIs.


Refer to Additional Details / Instructions

RFT Type

Expression of Interest For Pre-Qualification - An invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for pre-registration of prospective tenderers for a type of work or service. Applicants are initially evaluated against published selection criteria. RFT may then be invited from a panel of providers (as Selective, or Invited).

This tender opportunity is not expected to lead to the award of a contract, or the award details will be advertised elsewhere. Please telephone or email the contact officer for details

Additional Details / Instructions

The EOI Invitation is available in an electronic data room established for the Project (EOI Data Room). The EOI Data Room will be used for the purpose of uploading, and giving access to, relevant documents for the procurement process, communication with TfNSW and submission of EOIs. The EOI Data Room will also contain associated technical and commercial information intended to provide further context regarding the Project and to assist with responding to the EOI Invitation.

Access to the EOI Data Room will be provided to each interested party that submits an Entry Requirement Response (Interested Party) that, in TfNSW’s absolute discretion, is considered to have satisfied the Entry Requirement and submitted all required information as set out below (Recipients).

An online-based EOI briefing is proposed to be held on 20 February 2024 to provide Recipients with further information regarding the background to the Project, its technical and commercial arrangements, and the EOI submission requirements and procurement process (EOI Briefing). Recipients only will be invited to the EOI Briefing.

Entry Requirement

To receive the EOI Invitation, each Interested Party is required to demonstrate to TfNSW’s satisfaction that it (including through its proposed participants or key providers) has the relevant capability to undertake a key aspect of the Project (Entry Requirement).

Entry Requirement Response

To demonstrate satisfaction of the Entry Requirement and gain access the EOI Data Room to receive the EOI Invitation, each Interested Party is required to submit:

• a brief response of no more than 1 x A4 page that provides relevant information setting out how the Interested Party considers it meets the above Entry Requirement;

• a Corporate Confidentiality Deed Poll (in accordance with the form provided) executed by the relevant organisation(s) comprising the Interested Party; and

• a Data Room Access Form (in accordance with the form provided) with details of the individuals proposed by the Interested Party to receive access to the EOI Data Room.


The above documents, comprising the Entry Requirement Response, are to be submitted to TfNSW via email:

• to;

• to;

• with the email subject heading: ‘[Name of organisation]: Macquarie Park Bus Depot: EOI – Entry Requirement Response; and

• before 2.00pm (local Sydney time) on Friday 8 March 2024.


TfNSW will review the submitted Entry Requirement Responses to determine, in TfNSW’s absolute discretion, whether an Interested Party may be granted access to the EOI Data Room to receive the EOI Invitation. TfNSW will also require that the requested Confidentiality Deed Poll be properly executed before access to the EOI Data Room is granted and may request that additional information be provided to supplement the Entry Requirement Response.

TfNSW will contact each Interested Party that submits an Entry Requirement Response to confirm their status of determination (or otherwise).

All Recipients must comply with the TfNSW Statement of Business Ethics (Statement) through the procurement process and any subsequent contract period. A copy of the Statement is available at:


All Recipients must comply with the NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework (NSW Framework), NSW Government Supplier Code of Conduct (NSW Code) and New South Wales Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction Procurement (NSW Guidelines).

Copies of the NSW Framework and NSW Code are available at . The NSW Guidelines are available at .

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