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Customer Service / Broadband Data Services: Commerce: - 0602493

RFT ID 0602493
RFT Type Pre-Qualified / Invited
Published 1-Nov-2006
Closes 16-Nov-2006 9:30am
Category (based on UNSPSC)
43000000 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Agency ZArchived Agencies

Contact Person
Richard Bloor
Phone: 02 9372 7040
Mobile: 0411 128 509

Tender Details

RFQ for Supply of High-speed data services (MPLS-based) to approx. 33 Department of Commerce sites throughout NSW, under DITM 2000.01

Only carriers who are suppliers under DITM 2000.01 are eligible to tender.

The NSW Department of Commerce is upgrading the Wide Area Network in the current financial year. This work will impact over 80 sites throughout NSW.

The broadband data services to the greater number of these sites will be provisioned under the Government Broadband Service agreement with Soul.

However there are a significant number of Commerce sites for which the Government Broadband Service does not have effective service delivery.

It is the provision of broadband services to these locations that is the focus of this Request for Tender. The sites are predominantly located in the Greater Sydney Metro area, with a small number of regional sites also included.

It is highly desireable, to have a high degree of commonality, between the Broadband Service to be provided under this RFT, and the Broadband Service provided by Soul (outside this RFT scope), in terms of technology, configuration, and performance. This will assist Commerce to deliver a consistent service experience to users and also streamline the support and service delivery processes.


NSW Regions: Central West, Far West, Hunter, Illawarra, Mid North Coast, Murray, Murrumbidgee, Northern, North Western, Richmond Tweed, South Eastern, Sydney

RFT Type

Pre-Qualified / Invited - Only those directly invited to tender, may obtain an RFT for the purpose of lodging a tender response. Generally an invitation from a pre-qualified register of approved tenderers who have the ability to undertake the particular work or type of work proposed, a limited number of service providers are known to carry out the work or service (or in emergency or other restricted situations). Tenderers have usually been pre-qualified, accredited, or selected for the type of work and financial range. Competitive bids called from a standing offer (panel / period) contracts would also use this type.

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