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Transport for NSW (Roads and Maritime Projects) / Newell Highway Upgrade - Parkes Bypass - High Pressure Gas Protection - 21.0000137088.0199

RFT ID 21.0000137088.0199
RFT Type Request for Proposals
Published 18-Feb-2021
Closes 18-Mar-2021 2:30pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
83101600 - Oil and gas utilities
Agency Transport for NSW (Roads and Maritime Projects)

Contact Person
Cassandra Hodges
Phone: -

Tender Details

Transport for NSW invites tenders from suitable qualified contractors for construction of concrete protection slabs. These slabs will provide protection to the underground high pressure gas main to facilitate the construction of the Newell Highway Upgrade - Parkes Bypass. 

The reinforced concrete slabs are of three types:

 ·        Floating slabs

 ·        Precast reinforced concrete slabs supported on pairs of bored cast in situ reinforced concrete piles spaced at 2.4 metres

 ·        Precast reinforced concrete slabs supported on pairs of bored cast in situ reinforced concrete piles spaced at 4.8 metres

More specifically the work under this contract includes:

 ·        Excavation above and in the vicinity of the high pressure gas main

 ·        Construction of bored reinforced concrete cast in place piles

 ·        Construction of reinforced concrete pile cap beams

 ·        Construction and placement of precast reinforced concrete slabs

 ·        Backfilling and making good following the construction of the protection works

 ·        Reinstatement of Barkers and Parkesborough Roads following the provision of the protection slabs

 ·        Engagement of an APA Permit Issuing Officer (PIO) for the duration of relevant activities under the contract.

 ·        All other ancillary work associated with the above

 All relevant activities must be undertaken in the presence of and under the guidance of an APA Permit Issuing Officer (PIO)

All work must be undertaken with the utmost care such that there is no risk of damage to or impact on the high pressure gas main.

All tenderers must comply with the NSW Government‘s Procurement Policy Framework (NSW Framework) and Code of Practice for Procurement (NSW Code). Copies of the

NSW Framework and NSW Code are available at

 “This project is jointly funded by the NSW and Australian Governments.”

The Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 applies to this project.  This document is available at

By submitting an RFT for this project you will become subject to the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016.

It is a requirement for this project that the successful contractor be accredited under the Australian Government Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme) at the time of entering into the contract for ‘building work’ for the Project and must maintain accreditation under the Scheme while the ‘building work’ is being carried out. Information on the Scheme is available on the Australian Government website at”

A compulsory pre-tender meeting will be held on Thursday 25th February 2021.

Further information may be obtained from Cassandra Hodges, Project Manager at 




NSW Regions: Central West

RFT Type

Request for Proposals - An invitation for expressions of interest / seeking preliminary proposals. In many cases these may be used as a basis for shortlisting tenderers, along with other criteria such as expertise and experience. Prospective tenderers are initially evaluated for their proposal against the relevant selection criteria. A number of those who best meet the criteria are invited to tender. For complex or some other types of procurement, where the product or service outcomes are highly dependent on the content of the proposals received from Tenderers, the outcome may be negotiated.

Tender Respondents

These tenders are listed alphabetically. Some tenders may be qualified or contain errors and in view of the information given in the criteria for tender evaluation, the list should not be relied upon as an indication of which tender may be successful.

Business Name Trading Name Address
Bost Civil Pty Ltd Bost Civil Pty Ltd 32 Bayldon Road Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd Botanicca Corporate Park
Level 1, Building 7
Haslin Constructions Pty Limited - Suite 2, 2-4 Merton Street
Sutherland NSW 2232

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